Research Institute for Health Sciences

What is the Research Institute for Health Sciences?

Research is one of the three general functions of an academic institution. The Research Institute is the unit of the Medical Center that is responsible for carrying out this function. It promotes, manages and supports research and development in the fields of health sciences, service and education.

What does it do?

The main functions of the Research Institute for Health Sciences are:

  • Sets policies and standards of research and development in the Medical Center

  • Strengthens the research capabilities of the faculty, consultant and other personnel

  • Supervises, coordinates and monitors the implementation of the research programs of the different units

  • Provides technical and financial assistance to researchers

  • Formulates and implements its own research program

  • Establishes partnership and linkages with other research institutions

Where in the organizational structure of the Medical Center is Research Institute positioned?

The Research Institute is directly under the president of the Medical Center. It has an office headed by a research director. All research activities in the Medical Center, except those of the students of the different colleges, are under the supervision of the Research Institute.

The Research Institute is linked with units with research functions through the research coordinators of the units. The coordinators are administratively under the unit heads and functionally under the director of research.

What assistance does it provide to the faculty and personnel who are interested in research?

  • The Research Institute conducts training in research for faculty, consultants, residents, and other personnel.

  • It provides consultation services in administrative and technical aspects of research.

  • It gives modest financial support to research projects.

  • It undertakes technical and ethics review of research proposals for implementation in the Medical Center both internally and externally generated and funded.

What is the procedure in obtaining a research grant?

  • Submit the proposal to the research coordinator of the unit who shall evaluate its significance and forward it to the Office of Research.

  • The proposal is referred to the technical and ethics review committee for evaluation.

  • The proponent is asked to react to the comments of the committees and/or amend the proposal.

  • The research director reviews the recommendations of the committees and submits his recommendation to the president of the Medical Center.

How is approval of a proposal with an external support obtained?

  • Submit the proposal directly to the Office of Research; a fee of P15,000.00 is paid for the review.

  • The technical and ethics review committees evaluate and comment on the proposal; the proponent is allowed to clarify and/or revise the proposal before approval by the research director.

  • If the proposal is approved for implementation, the proponent pays a fee equivalent to 15% of the budget of the research before implementation.