Step No. Detailed Instructions
• Application for Academic Records
1 The student/graduate secures a copy of the Application for Academic Records form (Form) from the Registrar’s Office.
2 The student/graduate submits the duly accomplished Form to the registrar’s staff. The staff assesses the amount to be charged to the student/graduate for each document request as follows:

Corresponding Fee of Document Request Per Copy:

  1. Local Requests:
  2. • Official Transcript of Records ₱450
    • Certificate of Transfer Credential    150
    • Original Diploma (issued only once)    500
    • Authentication of Documents (“Certified True Copy”) per page      50
    • Certifications    150
    • Certification, Authentication, and Verification – Commission on Higher Education    250
    • Verification of Academic Records (online) per page      70
    • Mailing fee    200
  3. Requests from Abroad:
  4. • Official Transcript of Records    $55
    • Certifications        10
    • Authentication of Documents per copy        5
    • Mailing fee      40
The student/graduate proceeds to the Dean’s Office for other document requests not enumerated above.
• General Clearance
3 The graduating student secures general clearance from the various offices of the Medical Center enumerated in the Form as follows:
• Registrar 2/F, Administration Building
• Accounting 2/F, Administration Building
• Guidance and Counselling G/F, Administration Building
• Medical Center Library 3/F, JMC Building
• Budget and Treasury 2/F, Administration Building
• Dean Dean’s Office
Previous graduates and currently-enrolled students should secure clearance from Registrar and Accounting Offices only.
• Payment of Assessed Fees
4 The student/graduate pays the total amount of assessed fees to the cashier.
• Processing of Document Request
5 The student/graduate submits the duly accomplished Form and the UERM official receipt to the Registrar.
• Claiming of Requested Document/s
6 The student/graduate returns to the Medical Center on the release date specified in the Claim Stub as follows:
  • Official transcript of records, certifications, etc.: Within fourteen (14) working days upon receipt of the Form and UERM official receipt
  • Original diploma: Within one (1) month upon receipt of the Form and UERM official receipt
  • 7 Before the issuance of requested document/s, the student/graduate presents the Claim Stub to the Registrar’s staff, and presents a copy of the various identification requirements enumerated below:
  • For the student/graduate: Original and photocopy of any two (2) valid government-issued identification cards (e.g., digitized SSS ID, driver’s license, GSIS e-card, PRC ID, IBP ID, unified multi-purpose ID, voter’s ID, and senior citizen’s ID). Other acceptable IDs include UERM student ID, UERM alumni ID, and current employee ID.
  • For representative: Original and photocopy of valid ID (see list above) of both the student/graduate and the representative, letter of authorization, and a notarized special power of attorney