MR. JORREL R. MENDOZA, A 2011 graduate of the College of Physical Therapy-University of the East-Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center, Inc. (CPT-UERMMMCI), led the Medical Center and the CPT's latest crop of new physical therapists, who passed the Physical and Occupational therapists licensure Examination held by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) in the cities of Manila and Cebu last July 23 and 24, 2011. Mr. Mendoza (in the photo at right) scored 83.95% in the exam and was ranked in 8th Place among all of the successful examinees.

The CPT-UERMMMCI likewise once again proved its excellence by achieving an 84.62% passing rate, with 22 out of our 26 examinees passing the exam. This was against the national passing rate of 52.16%.

It came not as a surprise for the faculty members of the CPT that Mr. Mendoza would land a spot in the top 10 successful examinees, as he consistently excelled during his CPT years. He was a consistent top 10 student from 1st to 4th year and was the 8th highest ranking graduate of his class. His batchmates also expected him to stand out in the licensure examination because they said he even considerably helped them during the review program, taking the initiative to coach them during their free time. he also exuded leadership during the review program by motivating his batchmates to persevere.

Mr. Mendoza expresses his gratitude to his review lecturers and coordinators who guided him and sacrificed their time and exerted much effort to make him and his batchmates achieve their feats. He most especially expresses his gratitude to his parents, without whom he would not have attained his successes. Mr. Mendoza and his batchmates thank the CPT faculty and staff as well for mentoring and guiding them throughout their stay in the college.

The latest batch of CPT-UERMMMCI graduates turned new physical therapists are:

Roanne Jaclyn Morales ACOSTA, PTRP
Don Michael Vincent Leygo BAUTISTA, PTRP
Kristine Bernadette Riego BERNARDO, PTRP
Jaresh Anne de Castro BROSOTO, PTRP
Aldon Jimmy Carba CARIASO, PTRP
Joshua Rodriguez CASTELO, PTRP
Symon Jervis Ong CHAN, PTRP
Jeremiah Matorres CRUZ, PTRP
Napoleon Felix Desiderio ESCALONA, PTRP
Nigel Paul Filler HORTALEZA, PTRP
Anthea Grace Tan LO, PTRP
Krisha Marie Alfaro MANALILI, PTRP
Jorrel Roxas MENDOZA, PTRP
Angelique Iniguillo MISA, PTRP
Marina Chua Ng, PTRP
Robert Gerard Pascual OCAMPO, PTRP
Reza Marie Historillo OFNGOL, PTRP
Karen Zena Bartolome PEREIRA, PTRP
Anna Theresa Leorna SANTOS, PTRP
Leandrei Goodie Dalan TAN, PTRP
Loretta Betrice Larosa TAN, PTRP


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