DR. JOSEPHINE BUNDOC, FACULTY MEMBER OF the UERMMMCI's colleges of Medicine and Physical Therapy and Course Coordinator of the CPT's new Bachelor of Science in Prosthetics and Orthotics (BSPO), received the Medical Diplomat Award at the Physicians for Peace (PFP) Gala 2011 last October 15 at Norfolk, Virginia, USA.

In an article on its website (www.physiciansforpeace. org), PFP stated that the award was its way to recognize "the leadership, dedication and vision of Josephine 'Penny' Bundoc, MD," whom it also credited as the volunteer director of the PFP-Philippines Walking Free program.

The article further reports the remarks of Brig. Gen. Ron Sconyers (USAF, Ret.), the PFP President and Chief Executive Officer, about Dr. Bundoc: "With enthusiasm, expertise and a profound sense of morality, Dr. Bundoc brings people together and turns goals into realities. Through her professional life and volunteer work for Physicians for Peace, she has revolutionized access for thousands of patients and provided pathways to a sustainable livelihood for Filipino healthcare workers."

Dr. Bundoc, the article states, "launched Walking Free, Physicians for Peace's signature program for amputee care, in the Philippines" in 2005. "She mobilized key partnerships-including an alliance with the Philippine General Hospital-that have helped the program flourish." To date, "Walking Free-Philippines has trained seven prosthetic technicians while maintaining three clinics and two prosthetic and orthotic workshops. To develop a cadre of skilled local providers, Dr. Bundoc also has worked with the International Society of Prosthetics to establish Asia's first [BSPO] program."

PFP compliments Dr. Bundoc further in noting that "Real-world solutions to complex health problems are never far from dr. Bundoc's heart. in response to the diverse needs of patients in remote islands of the Philippines, Bundoc created a program with the mobile phone company smart communications that empowers ommunity healthcare workers to use smart phone technology to pre-screen amputee patients and deliver patient data to a central location.”

The article further quotes Brig. Gen. Sconyers as saying, “In all that she does, Dr. Bundoc displays an unwavering commitment to her personal mission to provide &lsdquo;functional return to all walks of life. And through her work, she has improved the lives of thousands.”
Dr. Bundoc is one of three 2011 Medical Diplomat Award winners and the only Filipino and non- american among the awardees. (the other awardees are shown in the poster image above.)


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