"It goes without saying that no man can teach successfully who is not at the same time a student."-Sir William osler

IN KEEPING WITH THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE'S commitment to excellence in medical education, the Medical Education Unit and Training Committee conducted several faculty development activities for the past school year. These activities aimed to improve and maintain the quality of teaching of our faculty.

Lecturing is an essential component and the most often used teaching strategy in medical education. As such, a workshop on "The Art of Lecturing and Microteaching" was held on June 4-5, 2010, with Gracieux Fernando, MD, MHSE, FPCP, FPSMO as resource person.

The workshop began with a lecture on the art of lecturing and making effective presentations. Subsequently, participants were videotaped delivering a lecture in a small group setting, in order to have their peers evaluate them as well as to conduct self-assessment. Finally, after receiving feedback, they were videotaped delivering the same lecture with improvements.

This workshop was followed by a Teacher Training Series held from October 7, 2010 to February 10, 2011. The training series covered five essential and basic teaching topics which were expounded on by knowledgeable resource persons: Principles of Adult Learning (Roel Romero, MD, MHPEd), Writing Learning Objectives (Marivic Villamor, MD, MHPED), Selecting Appropriate Teaching-Learning Activities (Rochelle Valera, MD, MHSE, FPCP, FPSEM), Art of Lecturing (Gracieux Fernando, MD, MHPED, FPCP, FPSMO) and Student Assessment Methods and Test Construction (Nomar Alviar, MD, MHPED).

As proposed by the Chief of Clinics, Maribeth De los Santos, MD, MSPH, FPCP, FPCC, standardization of the education and assessment of our clinical clerks was tackled in a three-day workshop on the Clinical Clerkship Curriculum, held on February 28, March 15 and March 22, 2011. Drs. Fernando and Villamor again served as resource persons, with Suzette Mendoza, MD, MHSE, FPCP, FPSG and Dr. Valera as facilitators. The workshop was attended by the Chief of Clinics as well as the heads and clinical clerk coordinators of the various clinical departments. The output and recommendations from the said workshop are currently being implemented in the SY 2011-2012 curriculum.

To ensure that our students are assessed objectively and in a standardized manner, a two-day workshop on Rubric Development for Performance Assessment was likewise conducted on May 30-31, 2011. Finally, a lecture on the use of concept maps was given on June 8-9, 2011 to ensure that our faculty may bridge the gap between basic medical education and clinical training. Dr. Villamor served as resource person for both activities.

The past school year was indeed filled with fruitful faculty development activities! The present school year will be no different with a two-day workshop on Small Group Facilitation and Revisiting the PBL Process starting this July 1, 2011. Another Teacher Training Series is also currently being planned in the near future.

"No bubble is so iridescent or floats longer than that blown by the successful teacher." — Sir William Osler


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