A core group of UERMMMCI Medicine class 1965, the Golden Jubilarians of 2015, met recently to discuss initial plans for their alumni homecoming.

In attendance were Drs. Rene-Edgar Mendoza, Agapito Uy, Abelsenia Alcantara-Noche, Edith Magos-Regalado, Metodio Palaypay, Manuel Ramos Jr. and Bienvenido David. This was made through the initiative of Dr. Manuel Ramos Jr., whose dedication to Medicine Class '65 is the driving force behind every successful venture of the class.

They discussed plans for the publication of a Golden Anniversary Yearbook. In addition, a formal dinner will be tendered for the celebrating class.

Among the other activities considered was an out-of-town trip. The potential places considered were Boracay, Palawan, Bohol, Dumaguete and Subic, Zambales.

The group plans to hold regular meetings in the coming months, to encourage other classmates, especially those based in Metro Manila, to participate actively in the preparations.

The year 2011 marked the Golden Jubilee for the 1961 medical graduates of the UERM Memorial Medical Center College of Medicine.

Fifty years ago, on April 9, 1961, 51 medical graduates succeeded in passing the theoretical and practical trials of their profession. They were given their Diplomas as Doctor of Medicine by Dean Juan Salcedo Jr. and Chairman Francisco Dalupan Sr. Now, only 41 remain. Out of this 41, 29 members of the class have come to attend the celebration, starting with the Homecoming from January 29, 2011 to February 3, 2011.

Once again, it was time for remembering the past, and now, they are celebrating the present, and hopefully, still planning for the future.

Although the numbers have dwindled, we were glad that more than half were still around, participating in the celebration of 50 years from the date of graduation. The joy in spirit and exuberance of meeting again, of renewing, were palpable, although their bodies showed the wear and tear of time. evident were their close relationships with each other as classmates, as friends and with their families. Many have certainly made their mark in the medical profession, with almost two-thirds practicing abroad. A third of our first medical graduates have stayed behind, to achieve the same Hippocratic goals in our country.

From the time they had first succeeded in the theoretical trials of our profession and received that diploma that made them "doctors of medicine," we look back on the last 50 years, and how they put all these concepts to practice. Just like the succeeding medical graduates of our Medical Center, they helped make for a better world not only for our countrymen and the next generations, through a healthier population, but also for the people wherever they practiced.

We are once again going into our Alumni Homecoming, this time with our second batch of Golden Medical Jubilarians, the 1962 graduates, 83 of whom hurdled the rigorous tests given by the Medical Center. Unfortunately, 16 of them have made their peace with our Creator. Sixty-seven were left to be with us but only around 45 signified their intention of attending the celebration honoring them. Thirty-five will be arriving from abroad while about 10 or thereabouts coming from here will be attending. Nevertheless, let us all welcome them with open arms and hope that more and more of our celebrants will come in the years ahead.

Though times have altered the world drastically in terms of more injustice, inequality and uncertainty in the future, let us envision more caring, more compassionate and understanding medical graduates who will not be afraid to change their values and become more humane and seek only what is good.


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