This was the Response of Dr. Cynthia T. Domingo on behalf of the Domingo family at the inauguration of the P. O. Domingo Out-Patient Clinics in celebration of the Medical Center's 54th Foundation Anniversary on June 15, 2011.

UERMMMCI Vice Chairman Wilson Young, UE Vice Chairman Jaime Bautista, President Romeo Divinagracia, EVP Carmelita Mateo, Honorable Members of the Board of Trustees of UERM, Distinguished Guests, Friends, Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen...

Upon entering the new building this morning, I stopped and looked at the façade. I could not help but be reminded of what Dr. Divinagracia said during our father's necrological service in 2008. Referring to why UERM was the only white building in the area and how our father's approval was needed for the building to be painted in more striking colors, he recounted our father's simple reply, which was "Bahala kayo kung anong kulay ang gusto n'yo, pero sa akin, gusto ko puti." Please take note that there is colour. There is blue, too.

There are two words that fully describe how my family and I feel on this special occasion: GRATEFUL and HUMBLED.

We are extremely grateful for this generous honor of naming the Out-Patient Services of the University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Medical Center after our father. Though he has been gone for three years, less 11 days to this day, it seems that his memory is still cherished by many and that despite the passing of time, his name still abides in you.

We are grateful also for the acknowledgement of his work which this inauguration symbolises. Our father had many dreams for UERM. He envisioned it to be one of the best medical schools in the country. He wanted the hospital to be a financially stable and self-sustaining institution. But first and foremost, he wanted UERM to provide the best medical and surgical care and services FOR THE PEOPLE.

Most importantly, we are grateful that you remember our father as someone who has touched lives. Those who knew him well are aware that his essence lies in his belief that the humblest and weakest deserve every opportunity in life to uplift himself.

He understood the need for personal growth and tried to create the milieu in which progress could thrive. Thus cleanliness, integrity, loyalty, hard work and discipline, punctuality, a sense of humor, positive attitude and self-worth were essential to him. He genuinely cared for the welfare of each and everyone he encountered...from the students, faculty, employees to the patients, doctors, management and owners of UERM. Above all, our father recognized that individual improvement could only be supported by the constant nurturing of the mind, body and soul. This is the reason behind his insatiable desire for continuous education and development-not only for himself but for everyone.

UERM has bittersweet memories for my family. After all, this is where both our parents passed away. But this is also where we saw our father MOst alive. The challenges of UERM gave him a sense of purpose, enthused with great fervor and drive. We recall many dinnertime conversations where he would extensively talk about the problems of UERM. Yet you could sense from his eyes and the tone of his voice the excitement and focused energy of a carl lewis or usain Bolt, poised at the starting line, adrenaline pumping, eyes fixed at the finish line, ready to leap at the sound of the starting gun and win the 100-meter dash in record time.

As much as we are steeped in gratitude, we feel humbled at the same time. This is because we will never forget what our father said during the inauguration of the P. O. Domingo Center for Information Technology in September of 1997.

He said: "Alone, I would not have accomplished much. It is indeed an honor far more than I deserve."

We realize it takes a community to achieve a common vision. Tribute lies not solely on our father, who acted merely as the impetus of change, but to the hard-working and committed men and women of the UERM community whose contributions made that change possible and success a reality. Their names deserve to be inscribed in the walls of this institution.

All buildings have a story to tell. It is our wish that the P. O. Domingo Out-Patient Services be filled with tales of triumphs, especially that of the human spirit. It is also our hope that it will enshrine the precious mementos of our father's loving thoughts.

Thank you most heartedly for this great tribute to our father.


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