Faculty Member, College of Nursing

CANADA'S UNIVERSITY OF SASKATCHEWAN recently sent a third batch of senior nursing students to the Philippines, particularly to our Medical center.

Discovering the natural wonders of our country and living in a local community to imbibe Filipino values and culture were highlights of their visit. The Canadian students, upon being welcomed, were asked what motivated them to choose the Philippines as their priority destination. They gladly said that Filipino nurses that they had been working with in their country home have a good sense of humor and were easy to get along with, inspiring them to learn more about Filipinos.

The visit commenced this January 8, 2012, for the first batch, which was composed of four Canadian senior nursing students. They are on a three-week immersion in the city of Antipolo with the Filipino senior nursing students for the community duty joining several activities such as home visitation, engaging in the geriatric exercise, and maternal and child health care. The second batch, which was composed of five members, joined the group on January 23 to stay for two weeks in the community in Antipolo and another week for acute care duty at the UERM Memorial Hospital. The Medical Center's administration, faculty and staff are hoping that their stay would be meaningful and enjoyable for all.

This signaled the good start for the new year, sustaining the strong partnership of the exchange program between the University of Saskatchewan and UERMMMCI!


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