"All glory comes from daring to begin." -Eugene F. Ware

PART OF THE CENTER OF EXCELLENCE MANDATE is to foster regional alliance aimed at cooperative education with local and regional educational organizations.

An initial stage of this collaborative design process jumpstarted for us on January 14 to 15, 2010, between Fujian Health College of the Republic of China and the UERMMMCI College of Nursing. The option to expand the range of activities through cooperative and proactive plans enhanced the UERMMMCI mission to develop international human resources.

A two-month training program evolved after a year of a series of purposive communication between the two universities. The visiting faculty scholars expressed interest in attending a program that would improve the Fujian Health College nursing program. A core group of UERM-CON Faculty of Instruction designed the program in the areas of instructional design, nursing process as tool for decision-making, and trans-cultural sensitivity and communication skills. Session strategies included in-basket exercises, case studies, interactive sessions, practicum per program and clinical hands- on work.

The two-month training ran from March 2 to April 29, 2011, starting with the arrival of Wu Meidan or "Candy" and Wang Shanshan or "Sunny," both from of Guangzhou, Fuzhou in Fujian, China. Candy and Sunny were Fujian Medical University graduates with a degree in Master in Nursing and Master in Ophthalmology, respectively. They were accommodated at the nearby Mezza Residences for ease, convenience and security.

Dr. Wilhelmina Z. Atos facilitated the first program after a courtesy call to President Romeo A. Divinagracia and a tour of UERM's facilities. The session lasted for three weeks with output involving professional responsibilities and competencies of FHC graduates vs. BSN graduates, instructional design for FHC with corresponding evaluation tools, clinical focus and a master rotation plan.

The next facilitator was Prof. Belinda Capistrano, who facilitated for two and a half weeks on the nursing process with clinical exposure in OR/DR, OBW, MS, and Pediatric Pay and Community exposure in Antipolo, with a side trip to Dr. Cuanang's villa.

The last two and a half weeks were facilitated by Dean Carmelita C. Divinagracia, whose output was a research proposal on values and job satisfaction between Philippine and Chinese nurses.

Indeed, the bars of life about which we often fret are actually doors of daring! Who says we are "too poor " if we freely give, or "too weak," if we boldly try? Communicating with others, no matter how slow or tiring it may be...we can never begin to live our fullest UERM brand of caring until we dare to "die" and share it to .

In the process of sharing, these are some quotes from our visiting scholars of Fujian:

"Use of signature stamps: signature stamps can save time, but then the stamp can be taken by others, can be replicated and used by others…."

"In China, nurses are the ones who collect regular specimen: blood, urine, sputum.." but in the Philippines, it is the medical technologist?"

"There is no significant difference in the nursing interventions between UERM and FHC. But there are differences in the nursing records. In China, nursing diagnosis is not written into the patient records. Nursing record is a legal document/effect. When not all nursing problems can be solved very well in clinical terms, nursing record may lead to dispute as evidence. To avoid disputes, nursing diagnosis is not written."

"Operating Room nurses and surgeons cooperated well. nurses could foresee what the surgeons would do next only through simple gestures! I really admired their work attitude!"

Appraisal as Participants of Training

Candy and Sunny were very enthusiastic to learn the concepts presented. From the first day of the session to the last day of the training program, their learning energy never wavered. They possessed the necessary skills and knowledge of nursing concepts. The hindrance in expressing their work quality involved their verbal communication. The necessity to give in to their request of "USB slides" to facilitate learning output was imperative.

Their output were well-written and given on schedule. Noteworthy were their persistence, perseverance and unassuming way in asking and finding answers to whatever questions were posed during the session.

The topmost photo shows Wu "Candy" Meidan and Wang "Sunny" Shanshan (3rd & 4th from left) with (from left) Norma Nastor, Wilhelmina Atos, Dean Carmelita Divinagracia and Belinda Capistrano. The second photo shows the pair of Fujian Health College scholars flanking President Romeo Divinagracia.

Their sense of classroom management and energy conservation are commendable.

Candy is a very "feeling" person, very Asian in qualities and much more sociable. She even went to the point of expressing the need for a "consultation session with guidance" when she could not sleep from becoming fearful after hearing news of the recent disaster in Japan. Sunny, the serious type, was calculating yet mature in arguments of facts.

Visiting Scholars Response

At left is a reproduction of Candy and Sunny's responses given during the closing ceremony at the President's Office with the Dean, facilitators and the chief nurse. Sunny gave the Chinese version and Candy translated it to English.

"Look to this day for it is life, the joy of growth, the splendor of action, the glory of power."-Sanskrit poem


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