ON FEBRUARY 14, 2011, THE UERMMMCI TOTAL Quality Management Unit honored the most commended staff of UERMMMCI for 2010. They were treated to a breakfast with the Directors at the Conference Room of the President's Office.

Present at the awarding ceremony were Dr. Andres D. Borromeo, the Medical Director; Dr. Jose D. Quebral, the Assistant Director for Support Services; and Ms. Yolanda Zamora, the Quality Assurance Nurse.

Based on patient satisfaction ratings for 2010, the following were the awardees:

Commended Staffers Based on Patient Satisfaction Survey 2010

  • Mariefe Abella of the Medical Ward
  • Dr. Paolo Buenaventura of the Medicine Department
  • Rowena Globio of the Medical Ward

Dietary Department Employee of the Year

  • Rosita M. Hillario
  • Jaime D. Resuello
  • Allan S. Sapungan

After the awarding rites, the worker with the most number of commendations, Ms. Rowena D. Globio of the Medical Ward (Head Nurse), shared her secrets on dealing with patients. This was what she had to say...

"When I was asked what's the secret in how best to deal with patients and relatives, I would always say: 'the art of listening, the lost art'. Always listen to what the patient and relative has to say, let them finish talking, if necessary, have them repeat back what they said. The patients or relatives are not attacking you personally if they are upset. As a nurse, your goal is to solve the problem, not to argue. A simple gesture like touch is the most important way to respond to people who care for them. Apologize without blaming. A patient must feel your sincerity. Lastly, solve the problem at hand, or find somebody who can solve it, but solve it quickly; they don't want be frustrated."

In line with the mission of creating champions of quality, the TQM has also identified the following units for excellent telephone communication based on random class monitoring in 2010:

Top 7 in Excellent Telephone Communication (based on monitoring of random calls in 2010)

  • Anatomy Department
  • Central Supply Room
  • Neuroscience Ward
  • 4 - South
  • Linen Section
  • Rehabilitation Section
  • Surgery Department

Congratulations to all of you-Champions of Quality! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!


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