By Atty. Siegfred B. Mison

Our Master Plan is a product of audacity and creativity on the part of Management and of the Board. As in all plans, its success depends on the persons executing it. The Master Plan entails major expense that would require the cooperation and participation of all. Since we are all part of the UERM Community, I offer ONE simple thing that EVERY officer, faculty, employee, student and alumnus of UERM can do to insure the success of such Master Plan.


UERM does not have a dedicated office for Marketing. Do we really need it? I believe that the best marketing tool for the Center is the people themselves connected to it-from the top management to the rank and file employees, from the dean to her faculty, from the teacher to the student.

“Every time we open our mouths, we expose ourselves - our weakness or our strengths.”-Napoleon Bonaparte

For employees, whether you are with management or rank and file, people around you see UERM through you. Outside the Center, people who do not know UERM will know UERM through your words and actions. Instead of voicing out your qualms, try to focus on something positive. Instead of saying that you are underpaid, overworked, et cetera, you can probably tell them that your “potential is fully realized amidst challenging work conditions!”

For members of the faculty, there will be occasions that you will be asked for your opinion outside the scope of your instruction. Although you can say anything and offer a disclaimer, please say something positive. If you can’t say anything positive, don’t say anything at all. Your students will always have friends and relatives who are potential enrollees and patients. Whatever you tell your students will ultimately reverberate and be heard by many.

For students, residents and interns, whatever you say against the Center is also against yourselves since you are part of it. You are receiving quality education and training from UERM. Since you chose to be part of this Center, you should talk ONLY of things which you can be proud of. As the saying goes, you don’t spank the hand of the person that feeds you! Tell your friends about Professor X who inspires and motivates rather than share your stories about Professor Y who harasses students with despotic teaching techniques! Tell your relatives about the massive infrastructure development we are going to undertake rather than share your stories of poor equipment, bad professors and lack of systems and processes in the Center. Focus on the positive! The glass of UERM is not half-empty but half-full!

Due to our collective efforts in releasing good publicity, UERM will be able to attract students and patients who will provide the necessary revenue to finance the projects in our Master Plan! So, to maintain the status of being one of the premier medical institutions in the country today, we, as employees, managers, faculty members, students and alumni, can simply speak positively about UERM.

It does not entail getting money from our pockets. It just needs a serious change in attitude and perspective.


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