The College of Physical Therapy's alumni has finally organized its alumni association. Based in the college, it was registered with the Securities Exchange Commission on April 2, 2007. Its officers are:

President: Symon Jervis O. Chan
Vice-President-Internal: Esminio L. Rivera II
Vice-President-External: Gerard L. Martin
Secretary: Rachel Ruth C. Koh
Treasurer: Esther Melody R. Nicolas
Auditor: Shirby Kathleen Y. Sy
PRO: Martin T. Aguda, Jr.


In the U.S., there are loose groups of alumni either geographically grouped or with their batches. Communication and connection are maintained through the internet (through the wonders of mailing lists and e-groups) and the occasional informal group gathering.

Occasional informal lectures or forum are organized for visiting alumni, who are encouraged to give talks on topics that they are familiar or interested with. This serve(s) as inspiration especially to the lower level students, (for them to) strive for in the future and to show them a concrete example of what a UERM physical therapy graduate can be.

Notable members of the alumni are also invited to talk during both postgraduate and lay forums. They share their expertise unselfishly with what seems as an honorable tradition in the College.