ENDGAME: A UERM Tabletop Year-end Event

By Dr. Antonio Miguel Unabia, founder and co-adviser, UERM Tabletop

On May 29, 2019, the UERM Tabletop celebrated its first International Tabletop Day event aptly entitled ENDGAME to mark the end of a fruitful school year. Participants from every level in the College of Medicine enjoyed spending time together playing different tabletop games, ranging from competitive games that required cunning and strategy, to cooperative games that required communication and teamwork-even a 15-player mega game of Werewolf! Brand new board games, T-shirts, and discount coupons were given away as prizes, thanks to the support of the country's leading board game distributors, Gaming Library and Board Game Express!

UERM Tabletop is the first College of Medicine tabletop organization in the country. It envisions to develop dynamic and well-rounded members of the Allied Health Profession through tabletop gaming. Despite being an organization in the College of Medicine, it welcomes all members of the UERM Community such as students of other colleges, staff, and alumni in their events.

UERM Tabletop is proud to be an avenue for its members and participants to disconnect from their digital worlds and engage in meaningful encounters with others by promoting a community of inclusiveness, encouraging critical thinking, inspiring creativity, and fostering lifelong fellowship through tabletop gaming.

Dr. Antonio Miguel Unabia, founder and co-adviser, UERM Tabletop (second row, 5th from left) posed with the students, staff, and alumni from the different UERM colleges at the 1st International UERM Tabletop Day event. This was on May 29, 2019, at the UERM Graduate School Lecture Room.