Matters CONSIDERED and ACTED UPON by the Management Committee (ManCom) at its Meeting of January 12 & 19 2016

  1. Organizational Structure of the Hospital – The Committee approved the proposed organizational structure of the Hospital, as amended, for submission to the Board of Trustees for Approval.
  2. Proposed Change of the College of Medicine Academic Calendar – The Committee noted the Board of Trustees approved change of Academic Calendar for the College of Medicine from June to August effective beginning of SY 2016-2017. For the other Colleges, the Committee agreed to retain the Academic Calendar which shall be in June 2016.
  3. Clinical Materials for the College of Medicine and College of Nursing – For discussion in February 2016 ManCom meeting before submission to the Board of Trustees for approval.
  4. Human Resources Capital Process Flow – The Vice President for HRDO noted the request of the Vice Chairman to: 1) present to the Committee at its meeting on February 2016 the proposed projects of the HRDO Department for the FY 2016-2017; and 2) to consider in the proposal the following matters:
    • Interview of UERMMMCI applicants up to the President, and interview of outsourced employees up to the Vice President for Human Resource Development and SVP for Finance and CAO;
    • Programs and revised process for orientation and training of new hires;
    • Strict implementation of uniforms and proper decorum to all employees, whether administration, faculty or medical staff; and
    • Revision/Initiation of Code of Business Conduct.
  5. Contract Review Process – The Legal Counsel and SVP-Finance & CAO noted the request to release a Memorandum Order signed by the President concerning review and approval process for new and renewal contracts. The Committee also agreed to implement the draft review process pending approval of the Memorandum Order wherein all contracts will be subject for review of respective Vice Presidents before proceeding to Legal Counsel and approval of President or Vice Chairman.
  6. Proposed Increase in Tuition Fee and Other Fees for SY 2016-2017 – Noted the proposed increase in tuition and other fees to be endorsed to the Board of Trustees on its 21 January 2016 meeting.
  7. Hospital and Academe Staff Meetings – The Committee noted the minutes of meeting of Clinical Department Heads held on 14 December 2015 and the Academic Staff meeting to be held 19 January 2016.
  8. College of Nursing Accreditation – The Committee noted the report of the Vice President for Academic Affairs that accreditation requirements submitted to PAASCU were rejected and that PAASCU moved its visit in 2017. Also, there will be no change in graduation schedule since PAASCU extended the UERMMMCI accreditation until May 2016.
  9. High School Graduates who are eligible to be admitted to Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in SY 2016-2017 – The Committee noted the report of the Vice President for Academic Affairs on the results of career talk activities held at different schools. The Vice President for Academic Affairs on the other noted the request to intensify the marketing efforts, especially for the College of Nursing to be able to attract more student applicants.
  10. Exceed Board Meeting – The Committee noted the invitation extended to the Board of Trustees and the Management Committee in a luncheon meeting with Exceed Board of Directors on 23 January 2016, Saturday, at UERMMMCI Campus.
  11. Request of UERM College of Medicine Alumni, Inc. (UERM-CMAA, Inc.) – The Committee approved the proposed budget for the UERMMMCI Annual Alumni amounting to ₱308,805.00 to include the number of actual attendees from Administration and Faculty.
  12. Recommendation of the Graduate School to Maintain Fees for Thesis Re-enrollment and Comprehensive Examinations for 3rd Term of SY 2015-2016 until SY 2016-2017 – Approved.
  13. Proposal of the College of Allied Rehabilitation Sciences (CAReS) for Setting Up of a Prosthetic Orthotic Technician Program to be offered for SY 2016-2017 – Approved. The Committee also agreed to proceed in applying for TESDA Accreditation for this program.
  14. New Memorandum of Agreement between the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) and UERMMMCI (Partner Health Facility) – Approved.
  15. Report on the Educational Resource Development Fund (ERDF) – Noted. The Vice Chairman reiterated that funds are intended for educational research and other relevant purposes and suggested looking for possible TV network affiliation which sponsors medical treatment of indigent patients having rare or special medical problem wherein needed medical services maybe provided by the Medical Center .
  16. Diploma Issuances – The SVP-Finance and CAO and Vice President for Academic Affairs noted: 1) the request of the Committee to review the procedures in diploma issuance and re-issuance by the Office of the Registrar; and 2) the Vice Chairman’s proposal to consider archiving/scanning original diplomas before issuance and provide certified true copies of scanned diplomas upon issuance. The Vice President for Academic Affairs also noted the request to report actions taken by the Office of the Registrar at the Committee meeting on 09 February 2016.
  17. Proposed Organizational Structure for Academe – The Committee noted the updated academic organizational structure to be prepared by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and for presentation to the Committee at the next meeting.
  18. Total Quality Management Duties (TQM) Duties Responsibilities and Plantilla – The Vice President for Hospital Services noted : 1) the request of the Committee to review the duties and responsibilities of the TQM Department in order to maximize its potential towards improving the hospital processes; and 2) suggestion to consider employing a full time TQM Director, upon review of the duties and responsibilities of TQM Department and its plantilla, to oversee the improvements in process flows.
  19. Information Systems – The SVP-Finance and CAO will meet up with IT Programmers to align the system and address the needs of the Medical Center, particularly the payroll system.
  20. Library Software Acquisitions – The Vice President for Academic Affairs noted the request to have the Head Librarian submit an inventory of all applications purchased and to make quarterly utilization report of these applications for monitoring purposes.