BULLYING: A Systematic Problem

According to the American Psychological Association, bullying is defined as a form of aggressive behavior in which someone intentionally and repeatedly causes another person injury or discomfort. Bullying can take the form of physical contact, words or more subtle actions. Bullying has been a problem in our society for years. A lot of people have been victims of bullying and what’s worse, their parents do not even know they were bullied.

To raise awareness of this issue, a campaign against bullying was held at the Tan Yan Kee Building last July 21, 2015, with Mr. Herald Cruz, a pastor and family counselor as the speaker. Bullying is not only a problem of a home, a school or a community. It is a problem that affects all aspects of life. It is a system.Mr. Cruz explained that bullies were either given so much power or none at all. They can be victims of bullying before and now they became the bullies. He also said that a bully is a sign of someone being weak deep inside.

Through the widespread use of mass media, there is also what we call cyber bullying. Social media especially Facebook houses numerous acts of cyber bullying. One is being bullied through the use of foul language, insults, offensive pictures and videos.

Bullying affects a person physically, psychologically or emotionally. With that, the House of Congress passed the House Bill 5496 or the “Anti-Bullying Act of 2012”. This bill focuses on adoption of policies against bullying by the elementary and secondary schools. This bill will help prevent/lessen the number of bullying incidents in schools.

As individuals, what can we do to stop bullying? Learn how to step up. If someone you see is being bullied then have the courage to stop the bully. According to Mr. Cruz, there are ways on how we can help bullies and it goes with the acronym RUACH.

R – ecognize the issue

U – nderstand. Ask them: why are you doing this? What is the reason why you want to make fun of him/her?

A – ccept.

C – hange. Anyone can change.

H – ealing. Heal the victim. Ask for help. There are many centers that focus on helping bullies and their victims.