Anti-Drug Abuse Campaign Seminar

On the morning of 21st of July, an anti-drug abuse campaign seminar was held at Tan Yan Kee building in an effort to promote community involvement and preventive education against illegal drugs. Information officers from Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), Mr. Raynante Javier and Mr. Arvin Talga, imparted their knowledge to UERM CAReS about the ongoing war against illegal drugs.

The seminar goes from dangerous effects of drug abuse and its impact on our society up to the content of RA 9165: Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 which provides legitimate punishments for violators.PDEA officers urge the students to become extraconscious for their own safety due to drug related crimes targeting the youths and females as exemplified by the risingincidents concerning a new type of drug called gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) also known as “liquid ecstasy” that is making rounds over the local party scene as “date-rape drug”. In just a couple of drops of GHBmixed in any drink, it induces intense sexual arousal and amnesia making it a perfect drug for target victims of rapist and sexual abusers.

Mr. Javieralso encouraged students to preserve the fading Filipino family values since family plays the most vital role in combating drug abuse through proper guidance and genuine support.

At the end of the seminar, PDEA officers flagged “Operation Private Eye” a program that offers bounty money for anyone who can give valuable informationabout drug lords and users while preserving the informant’s identity secret.

Above all as students and citizens of the nation we are all have the responsibility to stand by the law and fly high to our dreams, say no to drugs.

PDEA Contact Number:

0999 – 888PDEA (SMART)

0925 – 573PDEA (SUN)

(02) 927 – 9702 /(02) 928 – 0090