Zumba for All: An Inclusive Wellness Program

In celebration of the 37th National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation week, the different members of the UERM community fabricated another successful program as an effort to finally build an inclusive community for our differently abled individuals, the Zumba for All. The fitness class aims to promote wellness to everyone including persons who are differently abled.

Zumba for All is a two part fitness program which includes Zumba for patients with stroke which was held on July 20 and Zumba for amputees which was held on July 22 at the UERM Hospital DPMR. The fitness program was leaded by Mr. Bennie Almonte, a certified Zumba instructor and the manager of RT Studio.

Patients with Stroke and Amputees together with the rehab practitioners, energetically danced to the beat with Mr. Almonte, everyone was not stopped by their disabilities from moving and having fun as they dance with their group. The patients even requested another round of the harder steps for the fitness program, which just shows their dedication in staying healthy and fit.

After the exercise session, snacks and drinks were given to the participants sponsored by different drug companies. The activity was then followed by a free lipid profile, osteoporosis screening that were also sponsored by different drug companies and assessment of those patients who need prosthesis or orthosis. It was through the joined effort of the UERM College of Allied Rehabilitation Sciences, the UERM Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (DPMR) headed by Dr. Josephine Bundoc, the support of the UERM administration, the different drug companies, Mr. Bennie Almonte and the stroke support group together with the amputee patients of the BSPO clinic that made this activity successful.