About Us


The UERMMMCI College of Allied Health Professions envisions itself becoming a leading institution in medical technology education in the country; providing high quality laboratory sciences training and instruction relevant to the needs of the Filipino people and adhering to ethical standards in laboratory technology and to requisites of advances in higher education.


The UERMMMCI College of Allied Health Professions shall be a nationally recognized institution of quality laboratory science education. It commits itself to:

  • Providing quality education through a transformative curriculum
  • Providing an educational environment supportive of the holistic growth of the students.
  • Providing a workplace environment conducive to the intellectual and economic growth of the faculty and staff.
  • Pursuing significant research relevant to the advancement of laboratory science and technology.
  • Producing highly skilled, competent, ethical and socially responsible medical laboratory technologists/ scientists.

The program for BS Medical Technology is envisioned to develop competent medical technologists who will be responsive to the needs of local and global communities in the detection, diagnosis, prognosis, prevention and treatment of diseases with scientific foundation and through innovative technologies.

The General Education Courses for first two years are taken at the UE Manila Campus while the professional courses and clinical internship are at the UERMMMCI campus on Aurora Blvd. Eventually when upon the expansion and construction of facilities in UERMMMCI, it will accommodate all courses.

Career opportunities for the graduates include:

  • Clinical laboratory practice in hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers, government facilities and accreditation offices.
  • Public health practice
  • Educational institutions as teacher and researcher
  • Healthcare information technology
  • Healthcare management
  • Research in medicine and biotech-nology
  • Diagnostic industry and pharma-ceutical companies