President's Report

As of August 2013

Dear Fellow Alumni,

Six months have passed in my presidency of the UERMCMAA and I am pleased to report that your UERMCMAA Board of Trustees have set our goals for the association to be accomplished during our term. The following goals were set: 1) Creation of UERMCMAA chapters nationwide; 2) Amendment of the UERMCMAA Constitution and by-laws; 3) automatic membership of our graduating clerks to the association and inclusion of their alumni (membership) fee in their 2nd semester matriculation; 4) Encouragement of active alumni faculty to become lifetime member of the UERMCMAA; 5) Alumni Association Awareness programs (e.g. Career-Orientation symposium for the graduating clerks, Alumni inspirational talks during the undergraduate Medicine Week sponsored by the UERM College of Medicine Student Council. These programs are geared towards our medical students to make them feel and aware that the UERMCMAA is indeed here to be of help and guide in their medical career and in effect will enhance their loyalty to their alma mater. We also have development programs for our alumni faculty in the College of Medicine and Medical Center Staff. We will be having programs in coordination with the faculty club of UERM College of Medicine. 6) Fundraising activities with the different alumni batches that will benefit the Medical Indigency Fund for which is the source of funding for our indigent patients. This would ensure the availability of cases in the ward for our medical students and for the different accredited training programs in our center.

To update you further of our partial accomplishment, we have accomplished the amendment of the constitution and by-laws and is set for ratification by the membership and to be presented in the next alumni homecoming on Feb 3-7, 2014. Our request for the incorporation of the alumni fee in the matriculation of our graduating clerks has also been approved by the administration and the College of Medicine and to be implemented this second semester SY 2013-2014. The establishment of UERMCMAA national chapters is underway. We will be going to Candon, Ilocos Sur on Oct. 13 to meet our fellow alumni in that region. Our next region will be Central Luzon which will be on Nov. 10, 2013 at Clark Air Base, Angeles, Pampanga. We have a scheduled fundraising musical concert activity this Oct. 26, 2013, 6 PM at La Salle Green Hills. This activity is spearheaded by Batch '84 and in cooperation with Kundirana of La Salle Green Hills. The proceeds of this noble activity will go to the UERMMH Medical Indigency Fund. We will have our distinguished alumni as resource speakers namely Drs. Eric Tayag (Dept of Health Undersecretary, Batch '84), Delta Canela (Medical Director, Mt. Carmel Diocesan Hospital, Lucena, Quezon, Batch '86) and Jose "Pepe" Moran (Medical Director, St. Luke's Medical Center, Quezon City, Batch '87) in the UERM Medicine Week sponsored by the UERM College of Medicine Student Council from Sept. 9 - 13, 2013 at the UERM College of Medicine JMC auditorium. Through a UERMCMAA board resolution, I was able to represent the association in the successful UERMAAA annual convention and homecoming in Renaissance Hotel, Washington D.C. This was indeed another opportunity for me to foster relationship with our fellow alumni in the USA and invite them to the next alumni homecoming on Feb. 3-7, 2013 at Solaire Casino and Resort Hotel. Conversely, we got the support of our fellow alumni from the USA for our projects here in our center.

With all these activities, surely we will be on the right direction towards a cohesive and united UERMCMAA that will be instrumental in the fulfillment of the goals of our alma mater.

I remain,

Paul Anthony L. Sunga, M.D.
President, UERM-CMAA