Achievers and Awardees


Dr. Adrian C. Pena '75 President, Philippine Society of Physicians, 2005
Dr. Gabriel L. Martinez '73 Chairman, Board of Governors, Philippine College of Surgeons. 2005
Dr. Romeo G. Encanto'72 Outstanding Professional of the Year 2005 in the Field of Medicine, awarded by the Professional Regulation Commission, 2005
Dr. Sonia C. Rodriguez '86 President Philippine Psychiatric Association, 2005

Dr. Brigido L. Carandang '8
National Representative, Association of Southeast Asian Neurologists, 2005
Dr. Amado M. San Luis '74 First Elected President of Asian and Oceania Association in Neurology, 2005
Dr. Abdias V. Aquino'3 President, Stroke Society of the Philippines, 2005
Dr. Eric V. Nagtalon '78 President, Philippine Society of Anesthesiologists, 2005
Dr. Edith Magos-Regalado '65 Most Outstanding Physician 2005, awarded by the Philippine Medical Association, 2005
Dr. Susan Pelea-Nagtalon '78 President Philippine Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2005

Dr. Romeo A. Divinagracia '63
President, Philippine Society of Critical Care Medicine, 2005
Dr. Oscar T. Cabahug '83 President, Philippine Society of Gastroenterology, 2005
Dr. Norbert Lingling D. Uy '79 President, Philippine Heart Association, 2005

Dr. Gracieux Y. Fernando '87
President, Philippine Society of Oncology, 2005
Dr. Alberto T. Chua '83 President, Philippine Society of Nephrology, 2005
Dr. Cirilo R. Galindez '78 PMA Governor, Northeastern Luzon, 2005
Dr. Joven R. Cuanang'62 President, Stroke Society of the Philippines 2002, Professor Emiritus in Neurology, 2005
Dr. Jesus Tamesis, Jr. '78 Councilor, Asian Neuro Ophthalmology Society, 2003

Dr. Leonardo Almeda '73
Chairman, Examining Board of the Philippine Society and Reproductive Endocrinology of Infertility, 2002
Dr. Floro Madarcos '76 President, Philippine Association of Academic Biochemist Society, 2002
Dr. Antonio H. Villalon '70 President, Philippine College of Physician, 2002
Dr. Fidel Payawal '73 President, Philippine Society of Anesthesiologists, 2002
Dr. Noel Carilo '76td> President, Orthopedic Sports Medical Society, 2002
Dr. Antonio Sibulo '73 President, Cardiac Rehabilitation Society of the Philippines, 2002
Dr. Josefina Cadorna-Carlos'78 President, Pediatric Infectious Disease Society of the Philippines, 2001
Dr. Noe Babilonia '5 President, Philippine Heart Association, 2001
Dr. Lauro Abraham, Jr. '76 President, Philippine Orthopedic Association, 2001