Open Access Links

Below is a list of Open-Access electronic journals and books evaluated and selected by the library staff to provide additional sources of information for researchers. Most of the electronic resources you will find in these sites are free and openly available for public use.

List of Open Access Links to Theses and Dissertations

Link and Description

  • Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) -is a service that indexes high quality, peer-reviewed Open Access research journals, periodicals, and their articles' metadata.
  • Directory of Open Access Books: DOAB -It has 7248 Academic peer-reviewed books and chapters from 191 publishers.
  • American Academy of Pediatrics—an organization of 64,000 pediatricians committed to the optimal physical, mental,and social health and well-being for all infants, children, adolescents, and young adults.
  • The American Society for Nutrition (ASN) - is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing together the world's top researchers, clinical nutritionists and industry to advance our knowledge and application of nutrition for the sake of humans and animals
  • Journal of Leukocyte Biology - Society for Leukocyte Biology COVERAGE: Fulltext access from July 1984 – December 2014
  • Academic Journals- currently publishes 111 open access journals covering art and humanities, engineering, medical science, social sciences, biological sciences, physical sciences and agricultural sciences.
  • High Wire- A leading ePublishing platform, HighWire Press partners with independent scholarly publishers, societies, associations, and university presses to facilitate the digital dissemination of more than 3000 journals, books, reference works, and proceedings
  • INASP - is an international development charity working with a global network of partners to improve access, production and use of research information and knowledge, so that countries are equipped to solve their development challenges
  • Karger Publishers - publishes over 90 subscription and Open Access journals as well as approximately 120 book titles annually, primarily in English.
  • The National Academies Press (NAP) publishes more than 200 books a year on a wide range of topics in science, engineering, and medicine, providing authoritative information on important matters in science and health policy.
  • The Philippine eLib is a collaborative project of the National Library of the Philippines (NLP), University of the Philippines (UP), Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Department of Agriculture (DA), and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).
  • Physical Therapy (PTJ) publishes innovative and highly relevant content for both clinicians and scientists and uses a variety of interactive approaches to communicate that content, with the expressed purpose of improving patient care
  • Global Help - Free access to health-related publications.
  • - A commercial driven site with links to online education material.
  • BioMed Central - Online publisher of free peer-reviewed scientific articles in all areas of medical research and biology.
  • Free Medical Journals
  • Plos Journals - PLOS publishes a suite of seven peer-reviewed Open Access journals across all areas of science and medicine. All PLOS content is freely available for the public to distribute, reuse and remix with appropriate attribution.
  • MedWorm - MedWorm collects updates from over 6000 authoritative data sources (growing each day) via RSS feeds


  • Google Scholar - Provides a search of scholarly literature across many disciplines and sources, including theses, books, abstracts and articles.
  • HERDIN Neon - Health Research and Development Information Network -  Specialized network of documentation and information centers engaged in health research and development activities. Herdin hosts electronic collection or database of bibliographic entries of published and unpublished health researches in the Philippines in cooperation with other member-institutions.
  • LibraryLink - One-stop resource center for Filipiniana resources. It aims to provide one search engine or point of entry for researchers and students who are doing research on Filipiniana.
  • Western Pacific Region Index Medicus (WPRIM) - is a project of the WHO Western Pacific Regionl Office in collaboration with several institutions in its Member States. This is the Region's contribution to the Global Health Library (GHL) initiative which aims to extend to all the benefits of the knowledge that is essential to the fullest attainment of health. WPRIM will be deployed and hosted, along with the index medici of other WHO Regions, at the Global Index Medicus portal under the GHL platform, where searches can be conducted individually or simultaneously through a federated search engine.

Other Free Reference Materials