Online Database on Trial

Below is the list of electronic journal and online databases being offered to the University by the different publishers for a free trial.

The user statistics that will be generated during the trial period will form part of the library–s recommendation for the acquisition of the electronic databases. We advice everyone to make full use of these electronic resources for the duration of the trial.

DynaMed Plus is the next-generation clinical reference tool physicians can rely on for fast, easy access to point-of-care decision support.

For onsite access, use any computers using UERM internet connection. Log on to, then click DynaMed Plus.

For remote access, log on to the UERM portal, click the default type of user and key in your username and password put your cursor to the Library Tab; select/click online resources; click the EBSCO Logo; lastly, click DynaMed Plus icon and it will automatically log in.

The link for the detailed procedure on how to install and authenticate the Dynamed Plus mobile app is

End of Trial is on December 17, 2018

Gale Virtual Reference Library is a database of encyclopedia and specialized reference sources for multidisciplinary research.

Health Reference Center Academic provides access to medical and professional periodicals, health and fitness magazines, and reference books and phamplets. This database is designed for both nursing and allied health students as well as consumer health researchers.

To access, just type this URL in your browser:

     Access URL:

     Trial access will end on December 31,2018