About Us


The UERMMMCI CON envisions itself to be the Nursing School of the choice ins Asia and the Pacific anchored in humane and personalized care, outstanding academic performance and culturally-sensitive practice.


The CON is committed to the following:

  1. Sustain and maintain academic excellence;
  2. Expand development of opportunities and provide guidance for the development of student’s critical thinking, investigative skills, self direction, self discipline and social consciousness;
  3. Harness Filipino values and institutional pride;
  4. Engage in culturally-sensitive practice;
  5. Develop nursing leaders who will assume strategic positions in any work setting;
  6. Respond to dynamic changes in society through advancement in service and technology;
  7. Sustain and expand linkages both local and international.


To ensure the satisfaction of all our stakeholders for an excellent academic nursing


By 2016 given appropriate resources, opportunities and administrative support the College of Nursing will be able to:

  1. Establish effective and efficient system that promotes customer satisfaction from admission to graduation;
  2. Align the curriculum according to international standard;
  3. Transform infrastructure that is acceptable for international standard;
  4. Develop world class faculty line-up recognized by local and international affiliations;
  5. Harness Filipino values and institutional pride;
  6. Engage in culturally sensitive practice