Departments of the College of Medicine

Department of Medicine

  • Organized in 1957 with Dr. Gonzalo Austria as chair
  • Teaches Physical Diagnosis to Sophomores since the first batch
  • Continuously improves teaching of the art of medicine focusing on the patient as a bio-psychosocial-spiritual being
  • Faculty members elected as presidents of specialty and subspecialty societies
  • Faculty members chosen as Outstanding Physician Awardees
  • Offers yearly Post-graduate course in Medicine
  • Award Winning Research Papers written by faculty members and residents
  • Up to date simulators for teaching of clinical skills (Cardio-SAM)

1957-1971 Dr. Gonzalo Austria
1971-1975 Dr. Romulo Guevarra
1975-1979 Dr. Eduardo Tan
1979-1981 Dr. Victor Buencamino
1981-1983 Dr. Jesus Bustos
1983-1987 Dr. Ricardo Fernando
1986-1988 Dr. Benjamin Policarpio
1989-1993 Dr. Romeo Divinagracia
1993-1996 Dr. Amadeo Lustre
1996-1997 Dr. Adriano Dela Paz
1997-April 1999 Dr. Rodolfo Carungin
May-October 1999 Dr. Benjamin Policarpio
1999-2002 Dr. Dickinson Que
2002-2004 Dr. Alex Vanila
2004-2006 Dr. Daniel Parungao
2006-2009 Dr. Alberto Chua
2009-Present Dr. Norberto Uy

Department of Medicine
Norbert Lingling D. Uy - Head Bernadette B. Arcilla
Alberto T.Chua Disraeli V. Europa
Erlinda V. Valdellon Antonio Renato B. Herradura
Romeo A. Divinagracia Mario M. Panaligan
Benjamin C. Policarpio Isagani C. Rodriguez
Dickison C. Que Luis E. Abola
Stephen E. Medel Gilbert C. Yang
Vicente V. Tanseco, Jr. Maribeth T. Delos Santos
Daniel Tan Jonathan Emmanuel A.I. Sandejas
Renato M. Carlos Rontgene M. Solante
Daniel M. Parungao Nympha D. David
Alex V. Varilla Concepcion J. Baldoz
Romulo F. Ramos Sue-Ann R. Locnen
Araceli A. Panelo Gentry A. Dee
Henry A. Yanez Ma. Martina F. Alcantara
Ricardo C. Zotomayor Rodney M. Jimenez
Antonio R. Paraiso Isauro Q. Guiang, Jr.
Florencio J. Pine Juan Maria Ibarra O. Co
Ruth B. Medel Minette Claire O. Rosario
Luis G. Salvador Honorata G. Baylon
Marvin D. Basco Ranulfo B. Javelosa, Jr.
Oscar T. Cabahug Gracieux Y. Fernando


Department of Pediatrics

  • 1957 - The section of Pediatrics under the Department of Medicine
  • 1958 - The Department of Pediatrics was established
  • 1960 - The ten bed Pediatric Ward and the Nursery were opened
  • 1986 - The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU was established), Dr. Josefina Cabigas-Resurreccion, Head
  • 1991 - The 1st Florencio N. Quintos Memorial Lecture was established
  • Has offered 25 Postgraduate Courses since 1976
  • To date, has graduated 150 pediatricians most of them now well known and respected in their fields and have consistently been in the Top Ten of the PPS Specialty Board
  • Residency training program is accredited for Phases I, II and III
  • Members of the department have been elected presidents of specialty society and awarded internationally as Outstanding Pediatricians. Members are well respected in their field

1958-1972 Dr. Florencio N. Quintos
1972-1978 Dr. Simona C. Alikpala
1979-1982 Dr. Natividad Pangan-De Guzman
1982-1990 Dr. Wilberto L. Lopez
1990-1993 Dr. Felicisima G. Paz
1993-2002 Dr. Josefina C. Resurreccion
2002-2004 Dr. Myrna B. Rosel
2004-2007 Dr. Josefina B. Cadorna-Carlos
2007-2010 Dr. Rosalinda Anastacio
2010-Present Dr. Milagros S. Bautista

Department of Pediatrics
Milagros S. Bautista - Head Josefa R. Panlilio
Josefina C. Resurrecion Gyneth Lourdes G. Bibera
Victor S. Doctor Cynthia Rosario C. Castro
Rosalina P. Anastacio Juliet J. Balderas
Josefina Cadorna-Carlos Gladys L. Gillera
Myrna B. Rosel Edward C. Santos
Grace R. Battad Anna Marie G. Espaldon
Ruby N. Foronda Jose B. Salazar
Ignacio V. Rivera Joselyn A. Eusebio

Department of Surgery

  • 1960 - The Department of Surgery was established including Anesthesia and Neurosurgery
  • 1977 - First Renal Transportation in the Philippines was performed with Drs. Potentiano Baccay, Aniano Vicente & Abelardo Prodigalidad
  • 1995 - Commencement of the Department for Faculty Development with Faculty members training abroad for sub specializations
  • 1996 - creation of Renal Transplant Service with Dr. Angel Amante
  • 2004 - Establishment of Regionalized Specialty Services
  • Produced 255 research papers since 1961; award winning researches local and international
  • Accredited Training Programs in general surgery, urology and plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • Graduated 48 general surgeons since 1961; 65% of whom are PCS fellows while the others are practicing in the US

1959-69 Ricardo Sebastian, M.D.
1969-73 Cesar de Padua, M.D.
1973-75 Fidel Cuajunco, M.D.
1975-76 Cesar Jacinto, M.D.
1976-79, 1989-91, 1993-95 Jose Ramirez, M.D.
1979-82 Crisostomo Arcilla, M.D.
1982-86 Cesar Millar, M.D.
1986-89 Vicente Arguelles, M.D.
1991-93 Agapito Tuason, M.D.
1995-97 Edgardo Cortez, M.D.
1997-99 Jose Reyes III, M.D.
1999-2004 Gabriel Martinez, M.D.
2004-2008 Andres Borromeo, M.D.
2004-present Antonio L. Anastacio , M.D.

Department of Surgery
Antonio L. Anastacio - Head Paul Jesus S. Montemayor
Andres D. Borromeo Dante L. Haw
Gabriel L. Martinez Paul Anthony L. Sunga
Romeo G. Encanto Renato S. Bondoc
Norberto B. Bibera Lutgardo S. Caparas, Jr.
Napoleon Y. de Guzman Romarico Rommel M. Azores
Jose D. Quebral Joan S. Tagorda
Isaac David E. Ampil II Ernesto L. Villavert
David F. Geollegue, Jr. Samuel Vincent G. Yrastorza
Napoleon B. Alcedo, Jr. Cesar Alfred C. Alaban
Jose Antonio M. Salud Arnold S. Angeles
James B. Joaquino Hilda M. Sagayaga
Alejandro C. Dizon Arwin Ronan P. Ronsayro
Geoffrey R. Battad Delfin B. Cuajunco
Domingo S. Bongala, Jr. Miguel C. Mendoza


Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

  • 1960 - Section of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation was established under the Department of Surgery
  • 1991 - Department of Rehabilitation Medicine became a separate department
  • Staff members are Board Certified Physiatrist
    Arnel V. Malaya, M.D., FPARM
    Josephine R. Bundoc, M.D., FPARM

1960-1989 Juan A. Alcarazaren, Jr., M.D.
1990-present Arnel B. Malaya, M.D.

Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 
Arnel V. Malaya - Head Josephine R. Bundoc


Department of Obstretics and Gynecology

  • 1957 - Department was organized, Dr. Gloria T. Yambao as first head
  • 1960 - 3 years Residency Training Program was started, Affiliation with Quirino (labor) Hospital and Fabella Memorial Hospital was established.
  • 1978 - The Administrative Policies and Standard Operative Procedures ”The Red Book“ was created
  • 1980 - Subspecialties within the department were created: perinatology, oncology, ultrasound & Women’s Health and Family Planning
  • 1987 - Dr. Ralph Wyn, Professor, State University of New York appointed as Visiting Professor; affiliation with East Avenue Medical Center was established.
  • 1994 -The Gloria T. Yambao Memorial Lecture was created as tribute to its first chair, Dr. Yambao
  • 1996 - The Ultrasound Fellowship Program was started
  • 2001 -Dr. Manuel M. Ramos became the first alumnus to be appointed head of the department followed by Dr. Leonard A. Almeda

1957-1972 Gloria T. Yambao, M.D.
1972-1979 Sisenando Pineda, M.D.
1978-1981 H. B. Panlilio, M.D.
1981-1987 Aquilino Esguerra, M.D.
1987-1990 Gloria G. Habalo, M.D.
1991-1998 Felipe Sese, M.D.
1998-1999 Consolacion G. Inisilay, M.D.
1999-2001 Raniero Abad, M.D.
2001-2003 Manuel Ramos, M.D., first
2003-2004 Leonardo Almeda, M.D.
2004-2009 Arcangel Diamante, M.D.
2009-present Aida E. Salud, M.D.

Department of Obstretics and Gynecology
Aida E. Salud - Head Maribel Emma C. Hidalgo
Oscar V. Resurreccion Rosalie E. Junio
Ma. Trinidad R. Vera Ryan B. Capitulo
Susan R. Nagtalon Jay Arnold F. Famador
Raul M. Quillamor Jennifer Marie B. Jose
Christia S. Padolina Roan P. Salafranca
Carmencita B. Tongco Teresa Diana B. Bongala
Lilli May C. Teodoro-Cole  


  • 1957 - Establishment of the Department of EENT with Dr. Macario Tan as head
  • 1988 - Department was recognized as a distinct specialty and separate ENT department was created
  • 1989 - Philippine Board of ORL-HNS accredited the Department Training Program
  • 1997 - The section of Audiology was established in cooperation with Siemens and the American Hearing Center
  • 2001 - Created a workbook and CD “Techniques of ENT Physical Examination” for use by the medical undergraduates in the ENT Modules.
  • Its staff has consistently presented significant original papers in the specialty both in the local and international fora where several papers received awards.

1988-89 Dr. Rene Edgar Mendoza
1989-91 Dr. Remigio Jarin
1991-93 Dr. Teodoro Llamanzares
1993-97 Dr. Lily Sia-Vargas
1997-2004 Dr. Alejandro Opulencia
2004-2008 Dr. Virgilio de Gracia
2008-present Dr. Lily Sia-Varga

Department of Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)
Lily L. Sia-Vargas - Head Virgilio R. de Gracia
Antonio H. Chua  Alejandro P. Opulencia
Joseph Raymond S. Tapang William L. Lim
Mary Rose Aimee L. Directo Elmo R. Lago, Jr.


Department of Ophthalmology

  • 1988 - Creation of a separate Ophthalmology Department from the Department of EENT. First chairman of the Department was Dr. Marcelito Insilay
  • 1989 - In honor of the late Dr. Macario G. Tan the first chairman of the EENT Department, the Dr. Macario G. Tan Eye Foundation Inc (MGTEFI) was established to provide quality eye care to indigent patients
  • 2003 - Dr. Ramon T. Batungbacal was conferred the title of Professor Emeritus. Dr. Batungbacal was the first member of the UERMMMC faculty given the honor
  • 2004 - The Neuro-Ophthalmology Program is the first of its kind in the Philippines was established through the efforts of the Section of Neuro-Visual Disorders spearheaded by the current chairman of the Department, Dr. Jesus M. Tamesis, Jr, Its first graduate was Dr. Lee Allen D. Cloma
  • A department with a dynamic, resourceful, highly skilled and dedicated consultant and resident staff who provides world class care for all patients.

1988-1989 Marcelito Inisilay, M.D.
1989-1994 Rene Edgar Mendoza, M.D.
1994-1996 Noel G. Chua, M.D.
1996-2001 Rizalino Jose F. Felarca, M.D.
2001-2006 Jesus M. Tamesis, Jr., M.D.
2006-2010 Efren R. Garcia , M.D.
2010-Present Benalexander A. Pedro , M.D.

Department of Ophthalmology
Benalexander A. Pedro - Head Rigo Daniel V.E.C. Reyes
Rizalino Jose F. Felarca Jose Luis G. de Grano
Noel G. Chua Ronnie L. Pimentel
Jesus M. Tamesis, Jr. Mark Anthony T. Imperial
Roumel E. Litao Jonathan A. Rivera
Efren R. Garcia Edgar Felipe U. Leuenberger


Department of Clinical Neurosciences

  • Initially a section under the Department of Neuropsychiatry in 1959 until renamed as clinical neuroscience in 1982 when clinical neurosciences had become a separate section from psychiatry.
  • A CT scan procured by the Medical Center in the mid 70‘s was crucial to the development of the neurology and neurosurgery training programs.
  • To date, the neurology program has trained 28 neurologists, 25 of now practice in various parts of the Philippines.
  • The section of neurosurgery have trained 12 neuro-surgeons, 6 of whom practice in the Visayas-Mindanao area and 2 in Luzon, and only 4 practice in Metro Manila.
  • The department continues to serve the patients in the medical center

1959-1976 Jaime C. Zaguirre, MD
1977-1987 Joven R. Cuanang, MD, FPNA
                Professor Emeritus, Neurology, Stroke
1987-1990 Brigido L. Carandang Jr., MD, FPCP, FPNA
                Professor (Retired), Neurology, Neuroradiology
1990-1994 Ma. Felicidad A. Soto, MD, FPNA
                Professor I, Neurology, Electroencephalography, Sleep Medicine
1994-2000 Abdias V. Aquino, MD, FPCP, FPNA
                Professor I, Neurology, Neuromuscular Diseases, Stroke
2000-2005 Rene B. Punsalan, MD, FPNA
                Professor I, Neurology
2005-2007 Amado San Luis, MD, FPNA
                Professor I, Neurology, Electromyography
2007-2008 Rene B. Punsalan, MD, FPNA
                Professor I, Neurology
2008-2012 Ma. Felicidad A. Soto, MD, FPNA
            Professor I, Neurology, Electroencephalography, Sleep Medicine 2012-present Erman C. Fandialan, MD, FPNA
                   Assistant Professor II, Neurology

Department of Clinical Neurosciences
Erman C. Fandialan, MD, FPNA - Head Joven R. Cuanang, MD, FPNA -
Professor Emeritus
Abdias V. Aquino, MD, FPCP, FPNA Ma. Luisa Gwenn Pabellano, MD, FPNA
Pia Teresa Camara-Chua, MD FPNA Rio Carla F. Pineda, MD, FPNA
Hans Ludwig F. Damian, MD, DABPN, FPNA Rene B. Punsalan, MD, FPNA
Emmanuel G. Eduardo, MD, FPNA Amado M. San Luis, MD, FPNA
Asis S. Encarnacion, MD, FAFN Maria Felicidad A. Soto, MD, FPNA
Ma. Socorro C. Martinez, MD, FPNA Alfredo L. Tan, MD, FAFN, FPCS
Visiting Professors:
Romergryko C. Geocadin, MD, FAAN Peter Siao Tick Siong, MF, FAAN


Department of Psychiatry

  • Initially part of the Department of Neuropsychiatry until its creation as a separate section in 1982 then a separate Department in 1986
  • 1st Psychiatry Department in the Philippines (1956) with Dr. Jaime Zaguirre, Head
  • First to apply insulin shock therapy, the team approach and milieu therapy
  • 1st Psychiatry Department to hold an annual Postgraduate Course (1987)
  • Training Program produced most number of certified psychiatrists practicing in the Philippines and abroad
  • Members of the Department include the 1st fellow in Psychogeriatrics in the Philippines , 1st Forensic Psychiatrist in the Philippines
  • Three former chairs, elected as presidents of the Specialty (Psychiatry) and Subspecialty Society (Child and Adolescent Psychiatry)

1959-1976 Jaime C. Zaguirre, M.D.
1977-1982 Joven R. Cuanang, M.D.
1982-1984 Cynthia Bruce, M.D.
1984-1989 Reynaldo J. Lesaca, M.D.
1989-1991 Vicente S. Cabuquit, M.D.
1991-1993 Dante H. Abcede, M.D.
1993-1994 Vicente S. Cabuquit, M.D.
1994-1997 Felicitas Artiaga-Soriano, M.D.
1997-2000 Vicente S. Cabuquit, M.D.
2000-2003 Sonia C. Rodriguez, M.D.
2003-2004 Felicitas Artiaga-Soriano, M.D.
2004-2005 Sonia C. Rodriguez, M.D.
2005-2010 Felicitas Artiaga-Soriano, M.D.
2010-Present Marian Portia V. Luspo, M.D.

Department of Psychiatry  
Marian Portia V. Luspo - Head Vicente S. Cabuquit
Felicitas A. Soriano Bonisusa B. Pagaduan
Norieta C. Balderrama Sonia C. Rodriguez
Maria Celina H. Germar Luis C. Sundiang
Joy P. Malinit  

Department of Anesthesiology

  • 1964 - Section of Anesthesia started under the Department of Surgery
  • 1988 - Anesthesiology was instituted as a separate department and the formal residency training program was developed.
  • 2005 - Department has participated in undergraduate medical education through the patient doctor courses in the innovative curriculum
  • The consultant staff and residents have produced outstanding original research papers.

1964-1968 Dr. Carolina Ines-Campomanes
1968-1972 Dr. Romulo Trinidad
1972-1975 Dr. Cornelia Lukban-Angeles
1975-1988 Dr. Ernesto A. Gutierrez
1988-1993 Dr. Ludivino De Guzman
1993-1997 Dr. Rolando D. Noche
1997-2001 Dr. Fidel C. Payawal
2001-2002 Dr. Mariano P. Valera
2002-2009 Dr. Eric V. Nagtalon
2002-Present Dr. Teresita A. Batanes

Department of Anesthesiology  
Teresita A. Batanes - Head Eric V. Nagtalon
Farah Margarita S. Aure Fidel C. Payawal
Frank C. Nacario Olivia C. Flores
Beverly Anne P. Portugal Glenn D. Marinas
Allen John Dominic C. Babaran