Junior Intern Board Review


  1. These review sessions covering the 12 board examination subjects are held every Mondays and Thursdays from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm (PLEASE SEE SCHEDULE BELOW). During these times, ALL Junior Interns, even those on outside rotations, are excused from their posts so they can attend these sessions.
  2. The standardized format is as follows:
  • 1st part: 30-45 minutes delivery of KEY POINTS and MUST KNOW information
  • 2nd part: Quiz (30-50 items)
  • 3rd part: Feedback of the quiz
  1. Attendance will be checked starting at 3:00 pm. Sign-in beyond 3:15 pm (reference is the College Auditorium wallclock) will be considered late. Three (3) lates is equivalent to one (1) absence. Sign-in beyond 3:30 pm is considered ABSENT. Absence means OUT OF POST.
  2. All Junior Interns who are late or absent MUST submit a letter of explanation together with supporting documents (Infirmary/ER certification) addressed to DR. MARIBETH DELOS SANTOS, Chief of Clinics, with copies furnished to 1) DR. ALFARETTA LUISA T. REYES, Dean of the College of Medicine and 2) DR. EDWARD M. SANTOS, Coordinator of the Department of Educational Measurement and Board Review Courses.
  3. The students’ performance is measured through their attendance, punctuality, performance in the quizzes and the comprehensive examinations. The Dean, the President, and the Chief of Clinics will be periodically updated about this matter.
  4. The faculty reviewers and the course itself will also be evaluated by the students.
  5. There will be no printed hand-outs. Instead, students may download lectures (if available) from the UERM website.
  6. Comments and suggestions may be forwarded to Dr. Edward M. Santos, the coordinator. Our office is located at PBL Room A