Student Council

The College of Physical Therapy Student Council promotes student welfare through its various activities and achievements while championing their rights and looking after their needs in school. It works as a liaison between the students and the administration while working hand in hand with the other student councils in the campus, as evidenced by the annual consultation with the Administration on the tuition fees.

The Council recognizes the importance of extra-curricular activities in character development. The different student organizations today like the Crutches and Cane (the PT Dance Club) and Hymns and Symphony (The PT Chorale) have roots in the Student Council. Indeed, the Student Council members are also members of these organizations. These groups participate in campus events which are opportunities for students to display their skills and talents. This allows the students to have a break in their studies as well as engage in wholesome activities and fun.

More examples of these activities also include Tri-Council (Medicine, Nursing, and Physical Therapy) activities, the Annual Christmas Party and Sports Fest. However, not all projects by the Council are created solely with the student body in mind. Projects to alleviate the status of less fortunate people in the community are given importance. The Council promotes independence and serves as a venue for practice of business skills by letting them source most of their funds from events like raffles, cleanliness drives and even concerts.

Together with the College faculty, the Student Council also participates during the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week. This is in July, the Rehabilitation Month, which seeks to promote awareness of and empowerment to differently-abled people around the community.

Truly, the College of Physical Therapy Student Council works hand in hand with the administration in shaping young minds of today to become the holistically skilled therapists of tomorrow.

With the rights and welfare of the students in mind, the Council serves the objectives:

  1. To develop and direct the student'S capabilities toward the promotion of student community rights and welfare.

  2. To initiate and support meaningful projects inside and outside the medical center.

  3. To develop the student'S potential for leadership.

  4. To safeguard the rights and privileges of each individual student.

College of Allied Rehabilitation Sciences (CAReS)

Student Council 2018-2019
President Cecille B. Buendia
VP Internal Brad David M. Magallanes
VP External Aaron G. Marcos
Secretary Ma. Luisa Florentine A. Basa
Treasurer Darah Charmaine P. Urbano
Auditor Rafaela M. Sapiera
P.R.O Nicole Anne M. Suleik
P.R.O Francesca Berlan A. Royo
Batch Councilors
4th Year PT Richard Ryan H. Gutierrez
4th Year PO Patricia Ann D. Del Rosario
3rd Year Bea Therese A. Villarin
2nd Year Charlene Natalie S. Avenir