School Policies


Attendance and Participation in Class

Students are required to attend and participate in class activities beginning the first day of classes. The medium of instruction and communication is English.

All missed work covered by the classes during excused absences shall be made up to the respective instructor and within a reasonable time. When the number of hours incurred by unexcused absences of a student reaches 20 percent of the total number of hours of a course/module, he/she shall be dropped from the course/module.

Time lost by late enrollment shall be considered as time lost by absence, which is unexcused. Exceptions may be decided upon the discretion of the Dean.

If a student is absent from the final examinations, he/she will be given a final grade of X. If his/her absence is justifiable as determined by the faculty in-charge, a special examination may be authorized by the Dean for which a fee shall be charged per subject.

Students who received a grade of X or INC must satisfy all requirements for such a course before the opening of the next academic year. Failure to do so will cause the grade of X or INC to be converted to 5.

In case a student is absent from classes due to illness, a medical certificate from the Infirmary is required so that the absence will be excused.

No other medical certificate shall be entertained. Should the student be bedridden, any member from his/her household can notify the Infirmary immediately. The hospital ambulance with the Infirmary physician can be sent to the students residence for the necessary attention.

Failure to submit the proper medical certificate is cause for the absence to be unexcused.