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UERM College of Allied Rehabilitation Sciences (CAReS) Embraces New Technologies

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UERMMMCI-CAReS now houses the university's first 3D printing system supported by The Nippon Foundation. The Ultimaker S5 is a newly acquired system that features dual extrusion and a 33 x 24 x 30 cm build volume capable of printing at the largest scale in the Ultimaker series. Additional features include removable print-core nozzles which allows the user to choose between .25mm to .8mm extrusion thickness, advanced active leveling, filament flow sensors, and a touchscreen that simplifies the 3d printing experience. Included in the system is the EinScan Pro 2X Plus, which features a high speed 30 frames/second camera and a high-quality optics single scan accuracy enabling the scanner to capture accurate images of a 3d object. Clinical applications in prosthetics and orthotics involve non-contact and more accurate capturing of a patient's shape, modification of the scanned 3d image in a software, and direct fabrication using a 3d printer. Additionally, 3d printers can also be used in research and development, particularly for rapid prototyping of novel end-user equipment/devices, fueling CAReS students' drive for technological innovations in Prosthetics and Orthotics aided rehabilitation.

With the arrival of the 3d system, along with other advanced systems housed by the Philippine School of Prosthetics and Orthotics (PSPO) including the Moticon Pressure Sensor Systems and MABLAB Gait Analysis Technology, CAReS is definitely heading for an innovative future.


UERMMMCI and A Run For Pasig

The University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Centre participated in one of the world’s largest running events in recent history.

"A Run for Pasig" sought to raise funds for the rehabilitation of the Pasig River, arguably the most significant body of water in Philippine history and, sadly, one of the filthiest, most polluted, most abused, and, until recently, most neglected. Another goal of the run was to break the world record for the largest running event ever. Over 150, 000 people registered for the run and very nearly close to that number actually ran. The world record notwithstanding, A Run for Pasig was a resounding success. This was a remarkable feat of security, logistics, command, control and communications. And the UERMMMCI was right in the thick of it.

Lead unit for UERM was the College of Physical Therapy helmed by, in the words of an Irishman, "the energetic" Dean Raquel S. Cabazor, MD, PTRP, MSPH. The alphabet soup after her name is deceptive. Far from being a pedantic academic, Dr. Cabazor balances her roles as mother to two achievers, practicing physiatrist and skipper of the tightly run ship that is the College of Physical Therapy, UERMMMCI.

As lead unit, the College of PT had two tasks. One, the College had to organize the participation of the various academic and non-academic units of the medical centre. The challenge was to deliver on UERM’s promise to the race organizers of a 2000–strong contingent from the medical centre. This was exceeded largely through the efforts of the deans of the different academic units.

The other task of the College of PT was to set up and man the UERM component of the post-race Physical Therapy and Recovery Section. This free service was an excellent opportunity to showcase the highly competent interns and alumni of the College, in particular, and the UERM brand of health professional education, in general.

Ten alumni of the College of PT volunteered to help out in the PT and Recovery Section:
Jeanne Santos, PTRP Kim KelbyTan, PTRP
Adelaido Ubalde, PTRP Jewel Tan, PTRP
Julius Nacario, PTRP Jeff Ong, PTRP
Alfonso Perez, PTRP Felix De Vera, PTRP
Hernan Hernandez, PTRP Kimberly Co, PTRP
Rodino Villaflor, PTRP Glenn Solano, PTRP

After weeks of arduous preparation, alumni volunteers led by the diligent and industrious Mr. John Christopher De Luna gathered at the Aurora Boulevard campus in the dark pre-dawn of 10/10/10, said to be an auspicious date that only comes around once every thousand years. Arriving at 3 am at the race’s northern finish line, Dean Cabazor, Mr. De Luna and the volunteer alumni, later joined by the College of PT interns, quickly set up shop. Jon and a senior alumna gave thorough reviews of protocols for a safe, efficient and effective post-race recovery session. They also ran demos and return demos. Despite the paucity of fancy hardware, their relative youth and meagre accommodations, the College of PT alumni and interns projected an easygoing air borne out of confidence in their skills and training. The contrast provided strong argument for leadership that inspires camaraderie and volunteerism versus compliance through forced conscription. By first light, the PT section was ready and all that remained was the wait for the actual race.

Key senior personnel of the College of PT were assigned to each UERM contingent in each component of the run. Archelle Jane Callejo was in charge of external communications with ABS-CBN and the administrators and rank and file contingent while Norberto Cruz was in charge of the College of Physical Therapy and Graduate School. Fria Rose Santos and John Christopher De Luna were in charge of the College of Medicine and the College of Nursing contingent respectively. Jennifer Espinosa was the stalwart leader of the UERM 3K contingent. For the 5K, it was ever-reliable Dr. Carmina Cortez . And at the 10K, which had celebrities like Saranggani Representative and People’s Champ Manny Pacquiao and actor Piolo Pascual, the UERM contingent was led by the Archelle Callejo.

The first runner crossed the finish line seconds before the tenth minute of the race. Sprinting ahead of another runner, the first finisher wore the UE Manila livery. Shortly after, other participants came in seemingly endless droves.

The physical therapists went into action when exhausted finishers started trickling into the PT and Recovery Section as the race wound down. Working in teams of two, and in the rising heat of a bright tropical morning, they stretched knotted muscles and tightened ligaments and tendons. A group of policemen who ran the 21K were particularly grateful for the aid.

The UERM College of PT alumni and interns treated over 200 runners. The field hospital next door was also kept busy by about a dozen casualties of heat, dehydration and exhaustion.

The event broke up late in the morning. The alumni and interns were probably tired, thirsty and hungry. After an exciting morning doing well what they were trained to do, true professionals don’t really mind.

UERMMMCI and Run for Pasig 10.10.10

Persons with Limb Loss A.S.C.E.N.T. faster towards Ambulation!

In Celebration of the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week, the UERMMMC College of Physical Therapy and Department of Rehabilitation Medicine through the Community Extension and Social Action Unit, piloted the A.S.C.E.N.T. (Amputee Screening Via CEllular NeTworking ) Program that seeks to render efficient community screening of persons with limb loss for prostheses use and establish the first on-line National Amputee Registry.

Through the initiative of Physicians for Peace and technical expertise of SMART Communications and Ateneo de Manila University , the current 5 step "paper and pen"registration of persons with limb loss and screening as prostheses beneficiaries will now be "paperless" and can be accomplished with only 2 steps! Indeed, if successful, ASCENT is the answer to Physicians for Peace’s quest for a more efficient, cheaper but comprehensive method of identifying and monitoring its prostheses beneficiaries.

Thus, last July 13 and July 15, the ASCENT Team composed of UERMMMC College of Physical Therapy and Department of Rehabilitation Medicine staff implemented the first trial of the ASCENT program in Tondo and Pampanga, respectively. Registration and Screening of 35 ( Tondo ) and 32 ( Pampanga ) persons with limb loss by the evaluators were finished in 2 hours despite network glitches and familiarization hitches with use of the ASCENT cell phone. Comments regarding the Screening and Registration format and suggestions regarding technical improvement have been consolidated in preparation for its utilization on a nationwide scale. It is envisioned that through ASCENT, immediate feedback will be forwarded to the evaluator, wherever he maybe in the outlying islands, regarding the person with limb loss’s readiness for prosthesis measurement, pre–prosthetic rehabilitation requirements or need for further medical–surgical consults. Most importantly, it foresees ASCENT as the future handy tool that can be easily learned by barangay health workers so we can truly extend our services to the grassroots level.

July 13, 2010

32nd National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week

By: Jamila Catabay and Kristine Camador

The 32nd National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week (NDPRW) opening ceremonies was held last July 12, 2010 at the Nursing Amphitheatre A with the theme " Sa Istrakturang Accessible, Lahat ay Able."

Jaime Silva, a blind architect, discussed the importance of a barrier-free environment for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). He emphasized on the full implementation of R.A. 344 known as the "Accessibility law", which ensures the access of PWDs to establishments, public utilities and other facilities. He also stated the 5 basic minimum requirements often violated by buildings which are ramps, parking lots, toilets, floorings and signages.

After the lecturer, 2 reactors from Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Mr. Daisuke Sagiya and Ms. Eunice Factor gave their comments and recommendations. They also introduced the Non-Handicapping Environment (NHE) project which aims to create barrier-free rural communities for PWDs.


Guest speakers during the 32nd National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week

CPT's Wheelchair Beneficiaries

By: Creza Ofngol and Karen Pereira

Last June 3, 2010, as part of the College's pledge to help our less fortunate brethren, the College of Physical Therapy granted two new wheelchairs to two of its patients at Barangay Malaria, Caloocan City, an affiliated community of the College. Led by the College’s Community Based rehabilitation (CBR) team and with the help of Barangay Health Workers (BHWs), the patients were brought to the Clinical Training Center (CTC) for free consultation by CPT's College Secretary, Dr. Carmina Ann Cortez.

Recipients were Angelo de Guzman, a 9 year old boy and Iza Marie Lumacad, a 13 year old girl both diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. The 2 patients were chosen during the 3rd Medical Mission held at the same barangay.

College of Physical Therapy celebrates its 22nd Anniversary with Tree Planting

By: Vanessa Sardan, PTRP

The College of Physical Therapy celebrated its 22nd Anniversary last June 2, 2010 at the La Mesa Ecopark, Quezon City, with the theme: Plant a Tree, Save the Planet. The tree planting was attended by administrators, the faculty, students, supports staffs and some invited guests.

The celebration started with a briefing and film showing on the importance of La Mesa Ecopark as the main source of water in Metro Manila, and facts about water consumption, and the impending global water crisis.

50 seedlings were planted into plastic pots, followed by a ceremonial tree planting on the Ecopark grounds.

This project highlights the college’s commitment and advocacy in saving the environment.


UERMMMCI– CPT’s 23rd Opening Exercises and Recognition Day

By: Melissa Labtic

The College of Physical Therapy held its 23rd Opening Exercises at the UERMMMCI Gymnasium last June 16, 2010.

Level I–V students listened as the Dean of the College, Raquel S. Cabazor, MD, MSPH gave the opening remarks and welcome address to the students, administrators, faculty and guests. The faculty assembly and the Administration officers were then introduced to the whole student body.

The top ten students of each year level, Dean’s listers and Entrance scholars were given recognition by the President, Romeo A. Divinagracia. This was followed by the induction of the CPT Student Council for the school year 2010-2011.

For the first time, the Best Affiliation Center for S.Y 2009–2010 was also recognized and was awarded to the Physical Therapy section, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital. The plaque of recognition was received by the section’s Chief Physical Therapist, Arlene Salise.


The CPT’s Dean with the Administrators and Faculty members during the 23rd Opening Exercise

UERMMMCI CPT Welcomes 172 Freshmen for School year 2010-2011

By: Amanda Mamalio

The UERMMMCI College of Physical Therapy welcomed the 172 freshmen and their parents during the Orientation day last June 10, 2010.

The CPT committee on Student Services together with the Faculty, Student Council officers and the Administration organized the orientation day to introduced the incoming freshmen and their parents on the different student services offered by the college.

Dr. Carmina Ann Cortez, College Secretary, talked about the academic program, policies and guidelines and the curriculum of the college. Other speakers were Ms. Fria Rose Santos for the college’s student services, Dr.Palaruan for the University Health Services, Ms. Tessie Cua for the MISD, Ms. De Guia, the Guidance Counselor, for the guidance office, Ms. Julie Gazmen for the University Library, a representative of the Registrar’s office , Ms. Archelle Callejo for the college’s laboratories and Ms. Irene Lopez, Student Council President for the PTSC.

The program ended with a tour of UERM campus and UE Manila campus with the PTSC officers and the faculty


Freshmen and parents during the orientation program of the College of Physical Therapy.


For the past years, the UERMMMCI CPT has been an advocate of enhancing evidenced-based PT practice in the Philippines. Research outputs both from faculty members and undergraduates have been an instrument to pursuing a globally competitive profession.

The UERMMMCI Graduate School in collaboration with the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) – Department of Science and Technology (DOST) spearheaded the very first comprehensive workshop on writing research for refereed publications last February 5-7, 2010 at One Tagaytay Hotel Suites, Tagaytay City. Four of the fourteen research outputs chosen and carefully screened by the committee for refereed publication were from the faculty members of the College of PT namely, Raquel S. Cabazor, PTRP, M.D., MSPH, Archelle Jane C. Callejo, PTRP, MSPH, John Christopher A. de Luna, PTRP, MSPH and Fria Rose R. Santos, PTRP, MSPH.

The objective of the three–day workshop was to allow scholars to revise the completed research into manuscripts for submission for refereed journals in the social sciences and related fields. The course has also taught the faculty the needed skills to write research for publication and increase their potential to participate in knowledge generation to contribute to the National Unified Health Research Agenda. Dr. Allan B.I., Bernardo, Professor and University Fellow from the De La Salle University, Editor of the Asia-Pacific Education Researcher (SSCI/ISI), Editor of the Philippine Journal of Psychology and Associate Editor of the Asian Journal of Social Psychology was the resource person of the said workshop.


Members of the CPT Faculty chosen by the committee for referreed publication workshop.(from left to right): Ms. Archelle Jane C. Callejo, Ms. Fria Rose R. Santos, Dr. Raquel S. Cabazor and Mr. John Christopher A. de Luna.


The participants of the Referred Publication Workshop with Dr. Allan B.I., Bernardo (center with green polo)By: Vanessa Sardan, PTRP

UERMMMCI–CPT Hits 100% Passing Rate, Maricar V. Magcaling Ranks 3rd in PT–OT Licensure Examination.
By: Vanessa Sardan, PTRP


Maricar V. Magcaling, 3rd placer in the January 2010 PT–OT Licensure Examination.

UERMMMCI College of PT garnered a 100% passing rate in the PT–OT licensure examination held last January 24 and 25, 2010 at the Manuel L. Quezon University (MLQU), Quiapo, Manila. Alumna Maricar V. Magcaling scored 80.95% and ranked 3rd among the 230  out of 542 examinees who passed the examination. UERM joins top-notch schools such as UP, UST and PLM in getting a 100% passing rate.

The oath taking rites for January 2010 PT-OT Board Exam passers will be held on February 28, 2010 at the SMX Convention Center. Ms. Magcaling will receive a cash incentive from the University for topping the board exam.

UERM–CPT bags 3rd place in PT interschool quiz contest
By: Yves Palad, PTRP

The UERMMMCI College of Physical Therapy (CPT) placed third in the "KinetIQ 2010: To the 10th power", an annual PT interschool quiz contest hosted by the College of Rehabilitation Sciences of the University of Sto. Tomas (UST), last January 31, 2010 at the Medicine Auditorium, UST. 

The CPT fielded two teams for the quiz contest. The members of the first team were Richmarie Uy (team captain) and Jewel Tan, from Batch 2010,  Karen Pereira of Batch 2011 and Shirby Sy of Batch 2012. The members of the second team were Cameron Cu (team captain) of Batch 2010, Symon Chan and Joshua Castello, both from Batch 2011, and Oscar Borbe of Batch 2012. Both teams made it through the elimination round and were among the top 10 teams to compete in the final round. The team led by Cu won 3rd place. UST bagged 2nd place and the University of the Philippines-Manila
(UPM) was the champion of the quiz contest. The other teams who competed in the final round were 2 teams from Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM), another team from UST, a team from Far Eastern University-Nicanor Reyes Memoriall Foundation (FEU-NRMF), Emilio Aguinaldo College (EAC), and De La Salle-Health Sciences Institute (DLS-HSI).

The KinetIQ was expanded to be a nationwide PT interschool contest this year. It was participated in by 19 teams from 11 schools. The other schools who joined the contest were La Salette College, Isabela; Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU), Batangas; PLM; St. Paul University (SPU), Iloilo; and Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation (VMUF), Pangasinan.

UERMMMCI’s CPT team: 3rd placer at KinetIQ 2010.

CPT’s Hymns and Symphony bags 1st place in Annual Carolfest
By: Vanessa Sardan, PTRP

The students of the College of Physical Therapy once again proved that they are not only witty but talented as well, by winning the 2009 Annual Carolfest held last December 11, 2009 at the UERMMMCI Gymnasium.  The group amazed the crowd as they sang the contest piece, “Tuloy na Tuloy pa rin ang Pasko” and their own version of “Noche Buena.”  The group not only sang, but also danced their heart out. They were judged winner over groups from the College of Medicine.

Hymns and Symphony is comprised of PT students from all year levels headed by Mr. Laurence Naraja (IV), conducted by Mr. Paul Dominique Galvez and is under the supervision of Ms. Archelle Jane Callejo, PTRP, MSPH. The annual carol fest is sponsored by Mu Lambda fraternity and sorority from the College of Medicine, as part of the annual Christmas celebration of UERMMMCI.

CPT’s Hymns and Symphony–winner of the 2009 Annual Carol fest.

Members of the Hymns and Symphony are as follows:
Adrielle Alcantara Aldon Cariaso Symon Chan
Carolyn Calderon Timothy Espinosa Laurence Naraja
Jamela Barracao Kristine Bernardo Karen Pereira
Esminio Rivera Paula Pepinas Jonathan Reyes
Rogelio Bandin Edison Cruz Roanne Acosta
Fatima Ebina Shirby Kathleen Sy Clarissa Tejada
Lendl Fernando Rexcy Anne Rañola Don Michael Bautista
Hernan Hernandez Felix de Vera Diane Cabrera

CPT Faculty joins the 12th Annual Research Forum
By: Jon De Luna, PTRP, MSPH

The Research Institute for Health Sciences (RIHS), headed by Dr. Fernando Sanchez, held the 12th Annual research forum last December 10, 2009. This is in line with the UERMMMCI mission of producing quality research relevant to education and practice of the health sciences.

The categories of the researches presented were: Faculty, Student and Resident Research Category. The best researches per category were carefully selected and screened by the RIHS Nomination Committee for presentation in the Research Forum. Among the researches presented were from the faculty members of the College of Physical Therapy. Ms. Archelle Jane Callejo, PTRP, MSPH presented her paper entitled "Improving Motor Performance of Hemiparetic Upper Extremity among Patients with Chronic Stroke Using Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy”. Ms. Fria Rose Santos, PTRP, MSPH presented her work entitled “Developing a Scoring System Measuring Risk for Developing Upper Extremity Musculoskeletal Disorders". Lastly, Mr. John De Luna, PTRP, MSPH presented his work entitled "Construct Validation of a Standard Evaluation Tool for Physical therapy Clinical Supervisor Skills in the Philippines."

Certificates of Merit and cash incentives were given to all presentors.

Ms. Archelle Jane Callejo, PTRP, MSPH, CPT faculty, as she presented in the 9th Annual Research Forum

CPT holds Seminar– Workshop on Basic Life Support (BLS)
by: Vanessa Sardan, PTRP

As part of its faculty development program, the UERMMMCI College of Physical Therapy held a Seminar- Workshop on BLS at the Clinic and Training Center (CTC) last December 4, 2009. The event was facilitated by a UERM College of Nursing Alumna, Mrs. Joan Tasker- Lynch, BSN, RN, RGN, REMT(P) the current Training Director of Life Support Training International (LSTI). LSTI is accredited by the Philippine Heart Association (PHA) and Philippine Society of Emergency Medical Technicians. LTSI is also an affiliate of the Australasian Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (AREMT), Emergency Care and Safety Institute and the American College of Emergency Physicians. The event was attended by the CPT faculty, interns and Dean Raquel S. Cabazor, MD, MSPH.

The seminar- workshop was in accordance with the 2005 guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Emergency Care and in collaboration with the International Liason Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR). The day started with lectures on adult and pediatric CPR and management of airway obstruction. This was followed by demonstration and return demonstration of the techniques on medical dummies.

Certification as BLS provider was given to all participants who passed both written and practical examination administered at the end of the workshop. The PHA dictates that all candidates for BLS provider certification must achieve a minimum score of eighty percent (80%) in both written and practical tests. Dean Cabazor, topped both written and practical tests with a rating of 94%.

CPT faculty with Dean Raquel Cabazor as they return demonstrates adult CPR in the BLS Seminar.


CPT joins Leadership Seminar at Baguio City
By: Mr. Symon Chan

Symon Chan, CPT Student Council (SC) president and Mr. John De Luna, PTRP, MSPH, CPT, SC Adviser, attended a Leadership Seminar held last November 26-29, 2009 at Teacher’s Camp, Baguio City.

The Leadership Seminar was organized by the Philippine Association of Campus Student Advisers or PACSA. PACSA is a group, with a goal of becoming a premier organization for developing student leaders in the country. The seminar was attended by thousands of delegates from Luzon, NCR, Visayas and Mindanao.

The Leadership Seminar lasted 4 days, with various lectures, workshops, open forums and plenary meetings. Topics discussed revolved on leadership values, effective time management, good decision making, teamwork and communication. Current political issues such as corruption, nepotism and celebrities in politics were also touched. Speakers included Rep. Risa Hontiveros- Baraquel of AKBAYAN Party List and Atty. Adel Tamano, past president of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM).

The Leadership Seminar was a venue not only for exchange of ideas, but also an opportunity for the CPT–SC to meet leaders from other schools and universities.


Mr. John De Luna and Symon Chan at the PACSA leadership seminar

CPT Celebrates 3rd Annual National Drug Prevention Week
By: Vanessa Sardan, PTRP

Last November 20, 2009, the College of Physical Therapy held a forum on the psychological effects of illicit drug use, as it joined the nation in observing the 3rd Annual National Drug Prevention Week, with the theme Durog ka sa Droga. Two distinguished guests were invited to talk about the different effects of drug dependence.

Dr. Felicitas A. Soriano, Head of the Department of Psychiatry at the UERM Hospital, lectured on the different types of drugs, its effect on the human brain and the scientific explanation for their psychological effects. Dr. Soriano also gave examples of famous people enslaved by drug dependence. She reminded the audience that drug dependence can happen to anyone, and the community has a shared responsibility of helping drug dependents rather than condemning them.

On the other hand, Bro. Jose B. Reyes, a self confessed former drug dependent and pusher tackled the psychological and social effects of drug dependence. Bro. Reyes shared his life story of how drugs broke his family and his life and how it was transformed after he turned away from drug use. Bro. Reyes is now a preacher, and part of his mission is to give lectures to drug dependents in rehabilitation centers and jails.


Dr. Felicitas Soriano and Bro. Jose Reyes, speakers of the symposium held in celebration of the 3rd Annual National Drug Prevention Week

CPT Extends help to the Victims of Typhoon Ondoy,
through ABS-CBN’s Sagip Kapamilya
By: Ms. Anna Santos

Last October 27, 2009, a month after Typhoon Ondoy hit the whole Metro Manila and nearby provinces, the College of PT continued to extend its help to the typhoon victims in coordination with ABS–CBN&rsquos Sagip Kapamilya.

The faculty, interns and senior students of the college, volunteered to help the clean–up drive of Marciana P. Catolos Elementary School in Tanay, Rizal. Armed with cleaning materials, the volunteers cleaned the classrooms in preparation for the re–opening of classes, after it was used as an evacuation site for typhoon victims. Relief goods were also distributed to the nearby barangay.

The activity presented a new experience for the volunteers from CPT as it also enhanced their social awareness.


CPT volunteers during Sagip Kapamilya’s clean-up drive

By: Archelle Jane Callejo, PTRP, MSPH

Last September 12 – 13, 2009, the Philippine Physical Therapy Association (PPTA) in cooperation with HCCA International spearheaded the PPTA Annual Convention with the theme: "Forging the Path toward Global Competitiveness" held at the Trader&rsquos; Hotel, Manila. Its aims were to define the globally competitive physical therapist, to explore global skills which complement the practice of PT in various settings and to provide a venue for interaction among Filipino PTs.
Bernadette Reyes, MHA, RPT, member of the Professional Regulatory Board for Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy was invited as the keynote speaker of the said convention. In her key note address, she mentioned that the convention will be an avenue to discuss raging issues and emerging trends and to formulate strategies to address the rapidly evolving landscape in physical therapy especially now at times that the Filipino physical therapists gear up for worldwide changes in practice, health policies, legislation and the environment.
Discussions on the consequences of migration of health professionals abound during the seminar, yet the fact remained that a good number of Filipino physical therapists still choose to seek foreign employment. International benchmarking of the B.S Physical Therapy Program thru the World Confederation for Physical Therapy Guidelines for Physical Therapists Professional Entry–Level Education Programmes and curricula from selected physical therapy programs in the United States of America and the United Kingdom were done since these are the two countries of choice for deployment of Filipino physical therapists. Results still showed that the B.S Physical Therapy program in the Philippines is considered to be at par with the international standards in terms of its capacity to produce physical therapists possessing the competencies required for them to perform effectively within their expected professional roles.
Ronald de Vera Barredo, PT, DPT, EdD, GCS, one of the directors of the Foreign Credentialing Commision in Physical Therapy (FCCPT) and a member of the Advisory Panel on Education of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), was also invited to speak on global competitiveness of the Filipino PT. Dr. Barredo emphasized three aspects of an individual – knowing who you are by defining your mission, knowing where you came from by defining your heritage and knowing where you are going by defining your vision and legacy.
The highlight of the two-day convention was the keynote address of Dr. Marilyn Moffat, President of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT), through video conferencing. She discussed the definition and role of WCPT and its aim to improve global health by encouraging high standards of physical therapy research, education and practice and to develop international guidelines for physical therapist educational programs and standards of physical therapy practice. She also emphasized in her address the important roles of physical therapists for the prevention and management of the diseases of civilization which includes obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and chronic respiratory illness.

By: Estella Grace Viguilla, PTRP

Last September 8, 2009, UERMMMCI – College of Physical Therapy in cooperation wit the UERM-College of Physical Therapy Alumni Association, celebrated World Physical Therapy Day for the first time. World PT Day had been celebrated every 8th day of the month of September as declared by the World Confederation for Physical Therapy since 1996. The celebration aims for the unity and solidarity of the Physical Therapy community from around 101 countries around the globe.

After a mass led by Father Jose Caballes, an innovative lecture was conducted by Dr. Ronaldo Motilla (PhD), head of the Integrated Lifestyle and Wellness Center in Miriam College, and a guest lecturer of the UERM Graduate School. It focused on what are the common sources of stress and how students should cope with it. This was held at the Nursing Amphitheater A.

To keep with this year’s theme, "Movement for Health," sports events were held that afternoon, featuring the Alumni and students in a friendly basketball and volleyball match held at the UERM Gymnasium.

UERMMMCI–College of PT will continue to celebrate the World Physical Therapy day every year to show its commitment and cooperation in helping make an impact to the PT community and to world health.

Dr. Ronaldo Motilla gave a lecture on Stress Management during the celebration of the 2009 World PT Day.

CPT holds Team Building
By: Jennifer Espinosa, PTRP

Enhancing team effectiveness was the theme of the team building organized by the College of Physical Therapy for its faculty and staff. Spearheaded by Dean Raquel S. Cabazor, the activity was done last August 19, 2009, in the serene and peaceful St. Michael Retreat House in Antipolo City. It was facilitated by Human Resource Development speaker, Dr. Agnes Ycasiano.

The teambuilding was done as part of the faculty development program which aims to develop and enhance faculty performance and improve relationships among the members of the college. By tapping at the personal level, it helped all the members gain a new sense of respect and appreciation for all the work and efforts that each member puts into the college.


CPT Faculty at the team building held at St. Michael Retreat House in Antipolo City

The College of Physical Therapy Celebrates its 21st Anniversary

June 15 – 19, 2009 marked the weeklong celebration of the 21st anniversary of the College of Physical Therapy. Highlights of the celebration included a 3-day art exhibit at the hospital lobby. The paintings were done in acrylic on canvas by a 13-year old artist with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), currently undergoing PT sessions at the Clinic and Training Center (CTC). Proceeds of the exhibit will benefit the indigent patients of the CTC.

Another highlight was the relaunching of stroke support group whose activities were deferred due to the CTC renovation. This group focuses on the empowerment of patients with stroke as well as facilitating their community reintegration. Election of new officers was done as well as planning of their upcoming activities which includes lay fora, free cholesterol and blood sugar screening.


Examples of paintings displayed at the Hospital Lobby


The artworks were displayed at the UERM Hospital Lobby from June 17-19.

College of Physical Therapy Hosts Annual APPTOTS Meeting

The Association of Philippine Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Schools (APPTOTS) held their annual meeting at the UERMMMCI –College of Physical Therapy, Room 401, Administration Building, last June 20, 2009, Saturday. In attendance were the different deans, school officials and representatives of 19 out of 28 PT–OT schools all over the country, including our very own Dean Raquel S. Cabazor, PTRP, MD, MSPH. The meeting aimed to revive memberships, review the status of the organization and to relay the recent changes in the curriculum as mandated by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). The presiding officer, Dr. Romeo Abiog of Pines City Colleges in Baguio, was appointed President. Dr. Raquel S. Cabazor was appointed PRO. By: Carmina Ann J. Cortez


The APPTOTS delegates sit down to lunch during the meeting.


Dr. Romeo Abiog addressing the delegates


Dr. Romeo Abiog of Pines City Colleges and Dr. Jojo Villa from Olivares College


Dr. Abiog from Pines City Colleges with Dr. Dizon from FEU-NRMF

College of Physical Therapy Holds Opening Exercises for New School Year

Last June 17, 2009, the College of Physical Therapy held its Opening Ceremonies for the school year 2009 – 2010. This year’s opening was well attended by students especially freshmen and their parents.

During the early registration before 8:00 in the morning, entrance kits were handed out to students per year level. Contents of the kits include course outlines, class schedules, and maps of the campuses where they will be having classes. All students were also required to report at a table, attended by interns and a faculty member, where they were screened for flu symptoms using thermometers and a questionnaire approved by the Department of Health.

The program started with an opening prayer by Mr. Michael Resuello. Master of Ceremonies Jennifer Espinosa introduced the guests and the members of the different year levels. Dr. Carmina Ann J. Cortez as the new College Secretary introduced the different administration officers and members of the College of PT faculty to the students. Later, outstanding students of the previous year were recognized in the form of Top Ten Lists and Honorific Scholarships, more popularly known as the Dean’s List. The new officers of the Physical Therapy Student Council were inaugurated by President Romeo Divinagracia. The new College Dean, Dr. Raquel Cabazor, addressed the freshmen and their parents, encouraging them to study hard in order to survive in the competitive school environment.

The College invited two members of its alumni to speak to the students. Mr. Gerard Martin of St. Louis Review Center talked about the opportunities abroad for physical therapists, especially what lies in store for UERMMMCI graduates. Mr. Wilbert Buco, one of the staff at the Philippine General Hospital, talked about the prospects of the physical therapist who chooses to stay in the Philippines to practice.

After a well deserved break, the Level I students returned for the orientation. Mr. Numeriano De La Cruz, Head of the Accounting Department talked about and was ready to answer questions regarding tuition fees and payment schemes. Ms. Juliana Noces welcomed students and parents to the use of the UERMMMCI Library. Ms. Teresita Cua, Head of the Department of Management Information Systems, oriented them to the use of the Cyber Library. Mrs. Herminia De Guia, the Guidance Counselor of the three Colleges, introduced herself and the services of her office. Dr. Edwin Agsaoay and Mr. Michael Resuello lectured about the Safety and Security practices of the College, especially in cases of fire, crime, and the A (H1N1) strain. Mr. Symon Chan of the Physical Therapy Student Council encouraged students to join in the different projects and activities of the Student Council and to pay their annual dues.

The orientation ended with a tour around the campus, led by Stduent Council members, featuring the different facilities of the College of PT and the UERMMMCI system.

The event was made possible by the chief organizer, Ms. Fria Rose Santos who is also the current class adviser of Level I. she was assisted by Ms. Archelle Jane Callejo, Mr. Adlai Jerome Cipriano, Mr. Norberto Cruz, Mr. John Christopher De Luna, Ms. Jennifer Espinosa, Mrs. Esther Melody Nicolas, Mr. Michael Resuello, and Ms, Estella Grace Viguilla. The staff of the College of PT Dean’s Office and members of the Physical Therapy Student Council also helped with organizing the affair.


Dean Raquel S. Cabazor stands up to address the freshmen and their parents.


Dr. Arnel V. Malaya, the former Dean, as he is being introduced.


PT Student Council officers tour the freshmen around Anatomy Room.

President Divinagracia leads the Physical Therapy Student Council officers in their pledge as new officers of the Student Body.


The new College Secretary, Dr. Carmina Ann Cortez, introduces the officers of the administration and members of the faculty.


Parents of Batch 2014 eagerly listen to the orientation given by the different services of the University.

College of PT Acquires LASER

This June, the College of Physical Therapy continues to pioneer advances in treatment and management by purchasing an Endolaser 422. The machine uses a one diode LASER with wavelength of 905 nm. This acquisition is in line with current CHED regulations for PT schools. PT students also have lecture topics on LASER treatment along with other physical modalities based on light, such as Infrared Radiation and Ultraviolet Radiation. This new addition will help enhance learning and exposure of the students to current technologies.

During the Opening of the University, the Vice Chairman Mr. Wilson Young submitted himself to being the first patient to use the machine. It was administered by Mr. Norberto V. Cruz, PTRP, Clinical Supervisor of the College of Physical Therapy Clinic and Training Center.


Mr. Norberto Cruz uses the Endolaser on Vice–Chairman Wilson Young.