The College of Physical Therapy's local Alumni Association has been formally registered with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) last 2007. Duly elected officers serve to assist the goals of the College.

Graduate Tracer Survey

The College of Physical Therapy is conducting a tracer study, to identify the location and present status of its graduates. Please download tracer studey and send through

General Alumni Homecoming
Together with the alumni association of the other Colleges, the PTAA organizes a General Alumni Homecoming for the three (3) colleges every December in the past years, but starting this year, it will held every February.

Alumni Support
Members of the alumni association have supported present students through sponsorship of book awards and donation of teaching learning materials. In the recent “Ondoy” Tragedy members of the alumni have assisted members of the student body, by providing support in the form of donation of old books, uniforms as well as financial aid to a few students in need.

Occasional informal lectures or forum are organized for visiting alumni, who are encouraged to give talks on topics that they are familiar or interested with. This serves to inspire the students on what to strive for in the future and to show them a concrete example of what a UERM physical therapy graduate can be.