President's Message


Dear Colleague and Friends:

Greetings from Alumni & Friends of UERMMMC Foundation, Inc.

Many years ago, the Alumni & Friends obtained a one (1) hectare property which we envisioned to be the site of the Community Based Health Program (CBHP) of the UERMMedicalCenter. We envisioned that it will benefit the students and faculty of all the Colleges. We envisioned further that it will be the training site for CBHP in the country.

At last we have come to a crucial point in our project for which we seek your commitment. Afterall, the project is truly that for UERM. We present to you for your consideration, a project of a GreenBuilding that will house the activities of the CBHP.

Help us realize our collective dream to make UERM a model for this kind of health delivery, the primary health care which our country badly needs.

Be a part of this dream, let us help build this building.

Thank you very much.


Truly yours,