The seeds of the Graduate School were planted at UERMMMC in 1999 when top officials of the UERM Memorial Medical Center envisioned the institution as a university. It was not until August 14, 2001, however, that the Graduate School was formally created by an act of the Board of Trustees. Its first offering was the Master of Science in Internal Medicine, major in Diabetology, a program created by Dr. Ricardo E. Fernando, the foremost diabetes specialist in the country. Recognized by the CHED, this degree program was initially affiliated with the UE Manila Graduate School but was transferred to UERMMMCI which could provide “vertical degree program alignment.”

Over the years, the institute had graduated experts, who took care of the country’s diabetics. Three years later, in SY 2004-2005, two other Master degree programs were offered: (1) Master of Science in Nursing (2) Master of Science in Public Health. Both these programs acquired CHED recognition: MSN in December, 2005 and MSPH in August, 2006. Today, the Graduate School is a dynamic unit of UERMMMCI, with three additional degree programs: Master of Science in Asian Health Practices, Master of Science in Tropical Medicine and Masters in Health Science Education. Master of Science in Asian Health Practices and Master of Science in Tropical Medicine are pioneering programs in the country.