Academic advising is done at least 2 weeks before the start of every term. As soon the College Secretary and the Dean approve the schedule of classes and the same is forwarded to the MISD and Registrar, trimestral clearance must be obtained by the individual students to be allowed to proceed to the next term's enrollment process.

Change of Subject/Course
Enrollment adjustment is allowed as reflected in the academic calendar. After the said period, any changes are classified as "authorized withdrawal" which has specific guidelines and procedures to follow.

Dropping of Subject/Course
Dropping of any course must be made with consent from the faculty in-charge of the course, recommended by the College Secretary and approved by the Dean. Specific deadlines for dropping are reflected in the academic calendar.

Shifting Degree Program
Any intention to shift degree program must be made at least two weeks before the end of the current term. This must be made in writing recommended by the Program Coordinator and approved by the Dean. The approved letter of request to shift is forwarded to the Office of the University Registrar.

Completion of INC
As a policy, any INC grade must be completed before a student is allowed to enroll in the subsequent term. INC grades must be completed within 1 year, otherwise it will become a failing grade.

Leave of Absence
Leave of absence is allowed for at least one year but is always subject to the prerogative of the Dean.

Maximum Residence Rule
Maximum Residence Rule (MRR) is set at 5 years for all masters program. An extension may be allowed for another year subject to strong recommendation of the Program Coordinator, completion of one term audit of courses as identified by the College Secretary and subject to the prerogative of the Dean.

Comprehensive Examination
As a general rule, passing the Written Comprehensive Examination (WCE) is a pre-requisite to thesis or dissertation writing. Students are allowed to take the WCE after they have passed all coursework of their program.

Upon completion of all coursework and and passing of Written Comprehensive Examination, a student may enroll in thesis writing. The thesis entails an in-depth study and an extensive investigation of a problem. It must show originality and should contribute to the existing field of knowledge, preferably in conformity with institutional goals, thrusts, and objectives, and should manifest the student's competence in research.