Philosophy of the College

The College of Medicine believes:
  • In the fundamental principles that education is an evolutionary process directed toward the development of each student to achieve high academic excellence, the basis of quality medical practice and concerned community service;
  • That it must prepare its students for the practice of the Medicine of Today and of the Medicine of Tomorrow; that it must provide them with the education that will not only allow them to practice sound medicine but also serve as a solid basis for continuing medical education;
  • That the students understand the importance of, and practical analytical thinking, self-discipline, honesty and self-direction;
  • That he must accept the responsibility to participate in health care activities not only in the curative, but also preventive phases;
  • That he must participate in community and professional activities with the highest ethical standards.

The College of Medicine aims to graduate competent practitioners of medicine, healers with conscience, who are deeply concerned about the welfare of their fellowmen.