Please read the following guidelines first, then click the "APPLY ONLINE" at the bottom of the page, to access the online application form.

General Application and Admission Guidelines*

  1. General Policy
  2. UERMMMC, Inc. subscribes to a selective but non-discriminatory admission policy in accepting students. All applicants to the first year level shall comply with the general requirements set by the Admissions Office and specific to the program. However, the University reserves the right to refuse admission to any applicant who fails to meet the set standards and requirements.

  3. Application
    1. General Requirements (for local applicants)
      1. Accomplished online Application with signature (2 copies)
      2. Photocopy of Birth Certificate from PSA (NSO)
      3. Photocopy of Marriage Certificate from PSA (NSO) (if applicable)
      4. Certification from Dean/Principal’s Office that the applicant belongs to the graduating class
      5. Certificate of good moral character
      6. 2 (two) letter of recommendation from 2 former professors (For Medicine only)
      7. 2X2 Colored Pictures with white background with complete name (4 copies)
      8. 1 long folder and 1 brown envelope
      9. Accomplished Secondary Scholastic Form by the Principal/Registrar (For Undergrad only)
      10. Transcript of Records and National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) Report of Percentile Score (valid within the last 2 years) (For Medicine only)
      11. Application and processing fee
    2. Foreigners, Non-resident Filipinos
      1. Transcript of Records and Diploma authenticated by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate in the applicant’s country (1 original and 1 photocopy)
      2. Two (2) copies of Original Personal History Statement Form accomplished and signed by the applicant in English and in national alphabet with left and right thumbprints (include personal seal if any)
      3. Notarized Affidavit of Support and proof of adequate financial support
      4. Original and one (1) photocopy of the following:
      5. - Birth Certificate
        - Passport
        - Police Clearance from the applicant’s state or origin, authenticated by the Philippine Consulate
      6. Units in an accredited English Proficiency Program
      7. Application and Processing fee
      8. Note: All foreign students, including those with dual citizenship shall be subject to all the policies and rules, and shall comply with the rules and regulations set by the CHED and the Bureau of Immigration.

  4. Transferees
  5. All applications to transfer to any of the Colleges of UERMMMC, Inc. from other institutions shall be subject to review and approval by the respective College in which the program is primarily administered and subject to availability of slots.

  6. Admission Requirements:
    1. General Requirements
      1. Secondary scholastic record
      2. Passed UERM Admission Test and/or Interview
      3. Physically and psychologically fit
      4. Original copy of Birth Certificate from PSA
      5. Original copy of Marriage Certificate from PSA (if applicable)
    2. Additional Requirements
      1. Transfer credential certificate from the last school attended
      2. Required NMAT percentile score (valid within the last 2 years)
      3. Passed all qualifying/validating examinations and interview

      Application Cost

      For Undergraduate : Php800

      For Medicine : Php3000

    3. General Procedure for Admission
      1. Fill up Application Form online, print out, sign and attach listed requirements.
      2. Submit accomplished application form and requirements on/or before the set deadline to the Admissions Office.
      3. Secure payment slip and pay non-refundable and non-transferable Application Fee at the Cashier (2nd Flr. Admin Bldg.).
      4. Take the UERM Admission Test (if applicable).
      5. Secure schedule for interview from the Admissions Office. Schedule will also be posted at .
      6. Check status of admission at Admission Portal . You might also receive SMS or email notice.
      7. Pay the non-refundable and non-transferable reservation fee on the scheduled period. The amount will depend on the accepting college.
      8. Enroll on the scheduled period of enrolment.

      * Based on the Revised Student Handbook 2014


For further questions, please contact UERM Admission Office :

DIRECT LINE: 254-41-19
TRUNK LINE: 715-0861 loc. 205